OnePlus Pad: Everything we know about the upcoming Android tablet

OnePlus has teased the arrival of the long-rumoured OnePlus Pad tablet alongside the OnePlus 11 in February. Here’s what we know so far.

Android tablets have enjoyed a bit of a renaissance in the last couple of years. The Samsung Galaxy Tab series has done much of the heavy lifting, but will be backed up by the Google Pixel Tablet within a few months.

It appears will be able to add the OnePlus Pad to the list of contenders within a couple of weeks. The device has been teased for well over a year now, but we’ve finally got our first look at the attractive-looking tablet on its Indian website, along with a curious design quirk.

The smart money is on this launching at the OnePlus 11 event on February 7. Here’s what we know so far.


The image (above) published by OnePlus on its Indian website reveals a tablet with a large single-lens camera on the rear. It’s positioned in the centre of the display, near the top, with the device oriented in landscape. The colour depicted is an attractive lime green.

“What more can you expect? Boxes come in all shapes and sizes,” OnePlus says on its website. The teaser image matches renders also published by OnLeaks on January 26. The tablet looks to have a consistent bezel margin around the edge of the display.

The leaker says the device will have an 11.6-inch display, a unibody metal chassis, while the front-facing camera is apparently placed on the right edge. That would enable it to be used for video calls in landscape mode. That’s another unorthodox design quirk that may turn out to be quite useful.


There’s little to report about the potential specs so far. It’s not clear whether the device will be marketed as a premium tablet or a more affordable option. We’d hope it will arrive with Android 13 regardless.

Price and release date

OnePlus is holding an event on February 7, where the official details will surely be announced. Because we’re only seeing the OnePlus Pad on the company’s website in India, it might be exclusive to that territory. The price will largely depend on the spec sheet, as we referenced above.

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