Outpost Technologies Corporation Bolsters Advisory Board with Key Appointment

“Earth delivery is essential for the future of the trillion-dollar space economy, providing the necessary cadence to return products manufactured on-orbit. Commercial companies, manufacturing in microgravity environments on-orbit, provide unique conditions that can enhance the quality and characteristics of certain materials. This capability is core to Outpost’s mission to drive these new technologies and provide space transportation back to Earth,” said Mello, expressing his belief in Outpost’s mission and technology.

About Outpost

Outpost is revolutionizing satellite technology with its groundbreaking return-to-Earth capabilities. Our satellites are designed to deliver unprecedented precision, ensuring reliable and accurate retrieval of payloads back to Earth. By pioneering this innovative approach, Outpost is setting new standards in the space industry, enhancing mission success, and enabling new possibilities for research and commercial applications.

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Marilee Jooste, Outpost Technologies Corporation, 1 7148767102, [email protected]

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