Owl Vans Aims for $100 Million Milestone After Revolutionizing Adventure Travel

The adventure van lifestyle has captured the hearts of various markets, from digital nomads seeking freedom on the open road to families desiring unique vacations and retirees looking for a new way to explore the country. This lifestyle offers an unparalleled sense of freedom and flexibility, enabling people to combine work, travel, and leisure seamlessly. First-time homebuyers are also increasingly drawn to this mobile living trend, finding comfort and affordability in converting vans into personalized homes on wheels.

“We pride ourselves on being American-manufactured, employing cutting-edge engineering to deliver products that exceed expectations,” Willenborg says. “Our partnerships with industry giants like Airstream, Storyteller Overland, and Winnebago underscore our commitment to quality and reliability.”

Owl Vans is forging a new path with its pioneering products and old-school way of doing business.

  • Owl Professional Installation Centers: In an online world, Owl is taking the path less traveled by installing brick-and-mortar stores nationwide. Owl’s expansion comes as more and more people see, touch and feel the products they want to install on their rig.
  • Expanded Vehicle Lineup: Owl doesn’t make or sell gear for the world’s most popular vehicles like the Jeep or Tacoma. Instead, Owl focuses on niche market higher-end builds, including Mercedes Sprinter, Ineos Grenadier, or Porsche Cayenne. Owl offers the best service and the best products to the best builds. They have no interest in a race to the bottom competing against Chinese imported products.
  • Innovation: At the core of Owl’s identity is innovation. Founder John Willenborg started Owl by engineering the first-ever rear door carriers for Sprinters that have quickly become the industry standard. This entire category of products didn’t exist a few years ago. Over the past 4 years, Owl has continued to lead the industry with innovative products through partnerships that have allowed it to become the industry’s biggest player.
  • History of obsessive quality: Founder John Willenborg’s former company designed lenses and photography equipment for the Apple Store. His years of working with one of the most quality-obsessed companies in the world has allowed him to bring this high bar to an industry previously dominated by cheap imported products.
  • Owning Overlanding: Owl plans to continue to lead the adventure van market and bring its successful recipe to the entire overlaying community. This means Owl will continue to focus on expanding the number of Owl brick-and-mortar stores as well as the breadth of vehicle and service offerings. Owl expects to have 10 store locations within the next 12 months.

Owl Vans’ success is rooted in precise manufacturing using American materials and advanced technology. This unwavering commitment guarantees top-notch quality, solidifying Owl Vans as a trusted leader in the adventure van industry.

“For us, it’s about more than just selling parts; it’s about providing an unmatched experience,” Willenborg adds. “Our products, including the signature ski locker, are designed to enhance convenience and enjoyment, reflecting our dedication to innovation.”

As Owl Vans expands its footprint across the country, the company remains focused on its mission to set new benchmarks in quality and customer satisfaction. For more information on Owl Vans and its range of pioneering products, visit OwlVans.com.

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