Own a OnePlus 5? The customer service is about to get way better

OnePlus has pledged to make sweeping improvements to its customer support services, in a bid to help OnePlus smartphone owners – and improve the brand reputation, too.

There’s no questioning that OnePlus phones are tempting. For example, the new OnePlus 5 comes with class-leading specs, yet costs just £449 – far cheaper than the £600+ flagships of today.

The only issue OnePlus has really seemed to struggle with is customer support. Most OnePlus naysayers pick on the relatively new firm’s post-purchase customer care, prompting OnePlus to invest heavily in improvements.

The good news is that OnePlus is working on boosting its after-sales care, and has sought advice from customers at a special invite-only event held last month in London.

“Here at OnePlus, we pride ourselves on the relationship we have built with the members of our community from across the world and consider them an integral part of our team, without whom, we would not be where we are today,” said a OnePlus spokesperson.

The spokesperson continued: “With their help we have been known to weak the design, software and materials used in our devices, based on their feedback. But we wanted to take this a step further by seeking the same consumer input in another important area of our business, our Customer Support.”

OnePlus team members sat down with customers “to understand some of the challenges they have faced, get their feedback on our planned changes to work together on actionable solutions for the future”.

As a result, OnePlus has conjured up a roadmap of improvements it hopes to make to its customer support services, which reads as follows.

End of 2017

  • Add two more repair centres in Europe, to increase speed of phone repairs
  • Add full FAQ and ensure all policies are up to date
  • Develop a backup application, so customers have a one-step backup option
  • Half-yearly customer convention to get user feedback

Early 2018

  • Develop app for diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Create video guides
  • “One-time resolution” – aim to solve customer queries after the very first contact

In 2018

  • “One-stop service” – conversations with customers to be held with same person from customer support
  • Unified platforms, to provide “easier and clearer” indication of the status of your repair and device location
  • Offer an insurance option, even when purchased via a carrier partner

It’s worth mentioning that this is simply a roadmap, so there’s no guarantee that all (or any, potentially) of these aims will come to fruition. But it’s still a positive step for a company that’s struggled to get to grips with solid, global customer support quickly.

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