Pegasus Biotech Announces Filing of Provisional Patent Application for BPE Plasmid Technology

The BPE plasmid technology utilizes a patented origin that can be kept dormant during the fermentation stage and triggered at high cell densities to drive replication to levels significantly higher than what is produced by existing technology. It utilizes no antibiotic resistance selection marker and contains minimal bacterial sequences (<1,000 bp). The technology has the added benefit of having enhanced expression, with cells transfected with BPE plasmid having up to 7X the expression of conventional plasmid backbones. “We redesigned how plasmid DNA replicates, allowing us to control how and when our DNA is produced” said Dr. Patrick Slaine, principal scientist and inventor of the technology.

“This technology is transformational for applications where COGS and/or patient safety are factors… low cost, minimal bacterial sequences, high expression, and no antibiotic resistance selection marker were the requirements for the project, and this technology has all those characteristics… we now are looking forward to getting the technology into the marketplace and seeing new BPE based vaccines and gene-therapy products developed” said Daniel Wilson, COO of Pegasus Biotech.

The mission of Pegasus Biotech is to enable their clients to bring cutting edge innovation to the global human and Animal health markets. Their area of expertise is ensuring that client biopharmaceutical and vaccine development projects result in commercially viable products that are compliant with global regulations. Services include seed-to-formulation process development along with associated analytical development.

To learn more about Pegasus’ services, click here www.pegasusbio.com.

About Pegasus Biotech Inc: Pegasus Biotech Inc. is a full-service biotechnology contract research organization. They offer both process and analytical development services to the global pharma industry. They specialize in vaccine and biopharmaceutical development and are global leaders in DNA vaccine development.

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