Philips Hue’s new product line-up hopes to illuminate your summer

Signify has announced a number of new Philips Hue lighting products for 2022, including a new Tap dial switch.

The new accessory (pictured) has four buttons, with each programmable to control smart lights in individual rooms and zones around the homes. Tapping each button will help to launch the scenes in the rooms of the user’s choice.

The accessory, which launches today in Europe and the United States, also has an intuitive dial control. The faster or slower you turn it the faster or slower the lights dim or brighten.

Handily it can be mounted magnetically on a metal surface and, because it doesn’t need to be wired to the mains, won’t requited anything more than a few screws to attach elsewhere. It costs 49.99 Euros and $49.99 in the United States. The product hasn’t appeared on the UK site yet.


Elsewhere, the Philips Hue parent company has also announced a new track lighting system called Perifo, which can be attached to walls, ceilings and then fitted with a range of Hue lighting options. They’re available this summer.

In a press release, the company added: “You choose the layout and length of the track and what lights to include to get full control over the way you light your home. The track can be attached to the wall or ceiling and connected to a standard outlet or existing wires using the included power supply unit. Then the real fun begins as you click your choice of smart lights into the track and position them exactly how you want.”

Philips_Hue_Go_table lamp

There’s also a new portable table lamp called the Philips Hue Go (above), which is rechargeable and offers up to 48 hours of battery life. It’s designed to be used in bed, or when having dinner on the patio, for example. Users will also be able to press a button to run through preset scenes. That costs 149.99 Euros and $159.99 in the US when it arrives at the end of the summer. You can watch the media event in full in the video below:

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