Philips Viva Collection HR1617 Review

At a Glance
The Philips Viva
Collection HR1617 is a 650W hand blender that goes beyond your basic
hand blender by including XL chopper accessory within a handy container
to help chop your ingredients, a measuring cup and a whisk attachment.

We Like
has included variable speed settings to make it easier for you to
monitor how quickly you blend your chosen delicacy. Although there are
only five settings to choose from, the range goes from 1 to 16 in terms
of blade speed, which works with a double action.

Not only does
the blade work in a circular fashion, but it also moves vertically too,
which makes the blending process a lot quicker.

The soft touch
buttons and grip make it easy to use even when your hands are getting a
bit mucky. It comes apart easily, which makes it very easy to clean.

A lightweight hand blender, the buttons on the Viva Collection are accessible and well positioned as well.

measuring jug also makes for a handy place to store all of the Viva
Collection accessories in one place, which is useful if you have a small

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We Don’t Like
Sometimes the Philips Viva
Collection is a little too good. Despite its variable speed settings,
it’s near impossible to get anything but an exquisitely smooth texture.
That’s perfect for soup, but if you want anything with a bit more
variation you’ll be disappointed.

Unfortunately, the Viva
Collection isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing hand blender we’ve come
across, but its power certainly doesn’t let it down.

Should I buy?
Philips Viva Collection hand blender is a fantastic, functional
addition to any kitchen. It’s quick, easy to use and is powerful enough
to make a puree out of anything we threw at it.

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