Pixel 2 XL display ‘blue tint’ likely down to poor polariser application

Despite being an excellent pure Android phone, the Pixel 2 XL has been blighted by screen problems, notably a blueish tint every time the display is viewed at a slight angle.

The culprit of problem appears to be a poorly applied screen polariser, as demonstrated in a video by YouTube user and Android developer Mike Barrett.

Polarisers are applied to displays to allow for smartphones to be used with ease when wearing sunglasses. But when compared alongside the iPhone 8 Plus, Barrett’s video showed that the Pixel 2 XL’s polariser doesn’t seem to be working in the way it should.

LG’s display manufacturing subsidiary provides the pOLED screen the Pixel 2 XL uses, so there’s a strong chance that the problems with the display rest in LG’s manufacturing and calibration process.

In our review of the Pixel 2 XL we found the pOLED’s colours to be a little muted and lacking in vibrancy, but there’s a chance Google could fix this with a software update.

But with the polariser problem the only real solution would be to replace the display or apply a new polariser, both of which will not be easy fixes for Google to make.

Even if Google was to sort the polariser problem, there’s still the issue of reports of screen burn with the Pixel 2 XL, all of which points towards the handset having a display that’s pretty blighted with issues.

That being said, if Android fans can look beyond the display’s shortcomings, then the Pixel 2 XL offers a great way to experience Android Oreo at its best.

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