Pixel Watch 3 leak tips some significant upgrades

A fresh Pixel Watch 3 leak suggests that we could be in for some meaningful improvements.

The Pixel Watch 2 (pictured) was largely about correcting the basic flaws of the original Pixel Watch, but it seems that with the Pixel Watch 3 Google is ready to kick on a little.

Citing a source within Google, and confirming previous rumours, Android Authority claims that the Pixel Watch 3 will finally be offered in two sizes: 41mm and a new larger 45mm variant with a bigger 420mAh battery. Both will pack the same Qualcomm Snapdragon W5 chip as the Watch 2.

One of the biggest criticisms of both Pixel Watch models to date has been their huge display bezels, but Google could be set to address that with the Pixel Watch 3. The report claims that the Watch 3 will decrease the bezel size by about 1mm. Sure, it could stand to be even less, but it’s progress.

Talking of displays, the Pixel Watch 3 screen will apparently be way brighter than before, with a 2,000 nit peak brightness essentially doubling the Watch 2 figure.

One of the biggest additions, though, could be ultra-wide band, or UWB (check out our explainer here). After some predicted that this feature would be coming to last year’s Pixel Watch 2, if could finally be ready for prime time in the Watch 3.

With UWB onboard, you’ll be able to locate both the watch and other items registered to your Google Find My Device network with far greater precision. Alternatively (or even additionally), UWB could open the Pixel Watch 3 out to digital key functionality for modern cars.

Throw in some new colours – Black case / Obsidian band and Silver case / Porcelain band for both sizes, Silver case / Rose Quartz and Gold case / Hazel band for the 41mm, and Hazel case / Hazel band for the 45mm – and you’re looking at a fairly substantial upgrade, if this report proves accurate.

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