Police in Dubai are getting Star Wars-style hoverbikes and they look ace

The Dubai police force already has real-life robocops and the world’s fastest police car – and now it has cemented its reputation as one of the most hi-tech constabularies in the world, unveiling hoverbikes for a few lucky plods.

Dubai police office have seen their sci-fi fantasies become a reality with flying motorcycles that look like Speeder bikes from a galaxy far, far away.

The hoverbikes can zoom around at over 40mph in half-hour bursts with a pilot, or 60mph without one when operated remotely.

They’re sensibly limited to zipping about at a height of no more than 20 feet for safety reasons, but that still makes them ideal for bypassing traffic jams and beating the crowds to that Krispy Kreme mid-morning treat.


Looks like the fuzz are about to enter a whole new world of fun, but surely those exposed propellers are an accident waiting to happen?

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