Poulterra Revolutionizes Poultry Industry with Launch of Innovative Manure-as-a-Service Platform

Poulterra’s MaaS platform begins with miscanthus, a perennial grass bedding product that is grown locally for poultry growers. Miscanthus grass is a highly efficient, carbon negative perennial grass that can be grown on marginal soils. Poulterra plants miscanthus on or near the poultry farm, and when possible, along watersheds, where it serves as a high performing buffer strip to reduce nutrient run off. Poulterra supplies poultry growers, through a long-term contract, with miscanthus bedding at no cost and in exchange, receives the previous year’s litter.

Poulterra uses this annual, ratable supply of miscanthus-based litter to produce renewable natural gas, liquid CO2 and high quality, low carbon fertilizers using a proven, anaerobic digestion technology. Today, most poultry litter is broad cast spread on land as a fertilizer, where the nitrogen is subject to volatilization losses and runoff into watersheds. By transforming litter into nutrient dense, precision application ready commercial fertilizers, Poulterra can help reduce the use of synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, increase carbon in soils and lower Scope 3 emissions in animal feed and food.

Phillip Plylar, the CEO of Mountaire Farms, the nation’s fourth largest poultry integrator, says, “We are excited to work with Poulterra and their circular, nature-based platform to increase sustainability across our supply chain. Their solution will help us lower the cost to produce chicken, lower emissions and make poultry more sustainable for our customers.”

“Mountaire has been a great partner to work with.”, says Rob Tripp, CEO of Poulterra. “They have been progressive in their approach on sustainability and focused to ensure value is create for all the stakeholders in their value chain, namely the poultry growers and the communities they operate in. We are truly developing a sustainable, circular economy model for producing poultry and at scale that has never been done before.”

About Us: Poulterra is a sustainable agriculture platform that leverages nature-based solutions to significantly improve the poultry supply chain at scale. Poulterra partners with poultry growers, integrators and communities to transform waste into scalable, low carbon products that significantly reduce emissions, reduce environmental risks and lower costs.

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