Products That Count Announces The 2024 CPO Awards Winners

Winners and other product leaders will gather on June 6 for the exclusive CPO Awards celebration and networking event at Capgemini’s San Francisco office.

“In our third year of the CPO awards, we continue to see how the Chief Product Officer’s role is pivotal to business success,” says Products That Count Resident CPO Renée Niemi. “The strategic use of Generative AI has elevated the CPO’s significance in their companies and globally.”

All the winners are listed in alphabetical below:

  • Alex Hardiman, New York Times
  • Ami Vora, Faire
  • David Feuer, Galileo
  • David Wong, Thomson Reuters
  • Denise Hemke, NEOGOV
  • Dylan Casey, REEF
  • Gautam Shah, Carelon
  • Irana Wasti, Bill
  • Jim Denney, NBCUniversal Media Direct to Consumer
  • Marianne Johnson, Cox Automotive
  • Mike Jozwik, Euromonitor
  • Mike Vigue, Finastra
  • Nabil Bukhari, Extreme Networks
  • Nitin Bhat, Workiva
  • Olivier Houpert, Altria
  • Petra Romano, CONA Services – A Coca-Cola System IT Services Company
  • Prat Vemana, Target
  • RItu Bhargava, SAP
  • Roby Baruch, Tipalti
  • Sabrina Ellis, Pinterest
  • Siddharth (Sidd) Mantri, Disney+
  • Smita Hashim, Zoom
  • Tom Wang, Turo
  • Tushar Shah, Uniphore
  • Wook Chung, Varo Bank


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