Professor Attilio Scienza celebrates his 200th episode with the Italian Wine Podcast

Stevie Kim, founder of the Italian Wine Podcast and co-host of Everybody Needs a Bit of Scienza, said: “I can’t believe that we have already notched up 200 podcast episodes with Professor Scienza! He has such a depth and breadth of knowledge and is so incredibly generous with his time and expertise, for which the international wine community is extremely grateful. Although the subject matter can often be complex and challenging and I can’t claim to understand absolutely everything he says, recording these conversations with “il Professore” is always a fun and enriching experience!”

Professor Attilio Scienza, host of Everybody Needs a Bit of Scienza, said “The international wine community continues to pose pertinent and challenging questions on a vast range of topics affecting the world of wine. By confronting these matters in a serious and informed way, with an approach that embraces both the humanities and science, we hope our listeners feel better informed to tackle some of the major issues currently facing the wine industry.”

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