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Empire SUITE at 2017 PMI Global Conference

Empire SUITE at 2017 PMI Global Conference

WSG’s award-winning Empire SUITE enterprise resource software is fast becoming the go-to set of tools to help instill financial discipline in support of project success.

Empire SUITE is heading to Chicago to the PMI Global Conference next week to demonstrate how its award-winning project and resource management software can quickly and efficiently improve project and program management success. At PMI, project managers can learn how to use Empire SUITE to substantially streamline management processes, keeping projects on-track and on-budget and alerting managers to potential overages far earlier than previously possible. As project managers are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to track projects, deliverables, and resources, the Empire SUITE platform, with its seamless integration into MS Project and Outlook, was designed with success in mind: its proven track record of helping organizations save time and money, increase productivity, and improve operations makes it an amazing tool for project managers both inside the enterprise or externally consulting.

What:     Empire SUITE exhibiting at the PMI Global Conference

Who:    WSG’s Empire SUITE executives

When:     28-30 October 2017

Where: Chicago’s McCormick Place West Building, Chicago, IL

For:     PMI Global Conference Attendees, Media and Industry Analysts interested in learning how project management professionals can streamline their overall management, improve success rates and better forecast for increased profitability and productivity

Empire SUITE Improves Project Management Success

WSG’s award-winning Empire SUITE enterprise resource software is fast becoming the go-to set of tools to help instill financial discipline in support of project success. It also complements the world’s most popular software packages from companies such as Microsoft, Wolters Kluwer, Deltek, SAP and Oracle, with integrated easy-to-use tools to make some of today’s most complex and costly business project management tasks easier and more efficient. Major organizations around the globe have deployed Empire SUITE and are reaping the cost, operational and efficiency benefits from enhanced project and resource management.

Empire SUITE focuses on resource management from a financial perspective, allowing management to track project time, budget and resources in real-time. From accounting to HR to IT to finance, virtually every department in the enterprise will benefit from the features offered to streamline operations, and employees appreciate the user-friendly interface and mobile access for on-the-go data input.

For more information, please visit the Empire SUITE product page on the company’s website or contact us at info(at)wsg9dot)com or via phone at +1.212.675.2500.


Based in New York City, WSG Systems Corp is a cloud provider whose sole focus is project and resource financial management software. WSG helps organizations identify which projects and people are most important and makes it easy for project teams to work collectively on those projects for successful delivery. Project-driven organizations appreciate the ability to visualize the financial impact of their projects, and employees appreciate the ease-of-implementation and use of the suite of tools. WSG’s software tools, including its award-winning Empire SUITE, support a wide array of vertical markets including professional service providers in accounting, management, and IT consulting organizations. In addition, Empire SUITE is used extensively by internal corporate service providers such as IT and HR. http://www.wsg.com +1.212.675.2500

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