PS5 controllers have plummeted in price – time to stock up

More PS5 controllers = more communal gaming fun and right now you can save a packet on the brilliant DualSense Wireless Controller in a number of colours.

The retailer ShopTo is selling the DualSense in Black, Red and Blue for just £44.85 with free delivery in the UK. That’s a saving of more than £15 on the regular price from Sony.

You can snap-up the DualSense controllers in Red, Blue or Black by following the requisite shopping links. These are a great option if you’re not a fan of the penguin-like black and white design of the original DualSense controllers.

PS5 DualSense controllers down to £44.85

PS5 DualSense controllers down to £44.85

ShopTo is selling the excellent DualSense controller for PS4 for £44.85, which is more than £15 on the asking price.

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  • Was £59.99
  • Now £44.85

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If you order today, it’ll be shipped tomorrow from the retailer, which has a 4.8 star review from a possible five on Trustpilot.

The DualSense controller is one of the PS5’s most tangible upgrades, improving significantly over the PS4’s DualShock controller.

Our reviewer loved the bold design departure and premium feel and said it “really pays off”. He said the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers were true next-gen leaps. It also boasts a better battery life than its predecessor at 13 hours.

Back in 2020, when the DualSense controller was launched, our reviewer said: “It’s rare that the most enthralling aspect of a new console is its controller, but that’s exactly the case with PS5 and the DualSense. It’s a stunning peripheral, and one which introduces features we’ve simply never seen executed like this before. Adaptive triggers and haptic feedback introduce a newfound level of immersion.”

We gave it a 4.5 star score from a possible five.

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