PS5 multiplayer invites are finally entering the mobile era

Sony is planning to dramatically streamline the process of inviting fellow PS5 gamers to play online.

For the longest time, it’s been necessary to co-ordinate with pals to be online and at their console at the same time in order to invite them to multiplayer sessions. However, a forthcoming update will enable gamers to create shareable links inviting fellow users to come out of the real world to indulge in a spot of multiplayer action online.

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The link, which can be generated on the console or the PlayStation app, will be shareable via any messaging platform, meaning there’s no need for the recipient to be at their console to be notified.

If you’re playing a spot of Gran Turismo 7 on your PS5, for example, that’ll be visible within the PS App. From here you’ll be able to select an ‘Invite Players’ button, which will share the link via the usual Share menu on your phone.

That way, there’s far more chance of your fellow gamer picking-up the invite and eliminates the “hey fancy jumping on for a game?” text you probably were going to send anyway.

PS5 multiplayer invites

If the recipient clicks the link, they’ll have access to the multiplayer session straight away, even if you’re not friends with them on the PlayStation Network.

“This feature is designed to complement existing methods of joining a session from within a PS5 game and is consistent for any supported PS5 game,” Sony says in a blog post.

“As this is a new technology, a small percentage of PS5 games may require an update to ensure the session joins will work seamlessly. We’ll collaborate with our development partners to explore the best solutions for those games.”

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