PS5 VRR support could finally be incoming

Sony could finally be set to roll out VRR support to PS5 consoles, judging by a new TV firmware update rolling out in China.

YouTube channel HDTV Test has spotted the fact that Sony has begun distributing a new Bravia X900H firmware update in China. Alongside an upgrade to Android 10 and a new automatic low latency mode (ALLM), there’s another potentially interesting addition for PS5 owners.

The update adds support for variable refresh rate, or VRR. What on Earth could a 2020 Sony TV known for its 4K, 120Hz PS5-readiness need with a gaming-focused feature that was notoriously missing from the company’s primary games console at launch, we wonder?

It’s not a huge leap to conclude that Sony is readying a VRR rollout to its games console, and wants to hit the ground running with one of its current gaming TVs of choice.

This isn’t the first Sony display to receive such VRR support, but this would contribute to a pattern of support for the standard from Sony. At this point, it would be deeply strange if the PS5 didn’t get VRR in the not-too-distant future.

VRR is a display technique that comes with huge benefits to gamers. It essentially adapts the display’s frame rate to that of the source (in this case a PS5 console), thus preventing the ugly ‘screen tearing’ effect that occurs when the two are out of sync.

Xbox users have been making use of VRR support for several years now. Its ongoing omission from the PS5 is a bit of an embarrassment, especially give Sony’s established presence in the TV industry.

Hopefully that’s set to change very soon.

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