Qualified Staffing Strategically Expands Qualified Professional & Technical Group

QPT’s talent acquisition specialists are valued as indispensable partners to businesses nationwide, providing unparalleled proficiency in identifying and securing candidates for specialized roles. Workforce solutions are tailored to acquire highly skilled professionals across a spectrum of industries including accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, procurement, engineering and design, research and development, and C-suite executives in existing and emerging industries.

With this expansion, QPT’s talent acquisition specialists are better able to focus their dynamic recruiting approach to provide agile, innovative strategies to clients. Career candidates can expect complete confidence that their recruiter has in-depth knowledge and has asked pertinent questions to help match them with the perfect opportunity. With a history of nurturing their strong network of top-tier companies, QPT has access to opportunities that may be otherwise unknown to job seekers.

To explore how Qualified Professional & Technical can facilitate connections between exceptional talent and opportunities that need to be filled, reach out to Keith Browne at [email protected], or visit their new website at www.q-ptgroup.com.

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