Quran-reading at Shami’s house for ‘playing XI’

LoginRegister@indiatimesLoginRegister@indiatimes11 maulvis conduct Quran-reading session at Shami’s house, village mosque send out special prayersMEERUT: Eleven maulvis conducted a Quran-reading session at Indian pacer Mohd Shami’s house in Sahaspur-Alinagar village of Amroha on Wednesday, praying for the success of Team India in the World Cup semifinal to be held on Thursday. Special prayers are also being held in all four mosques of the village.

One of the maulvis, Maulana Mohammad Rihan Raza Naimi, told TOI on Wednesday: “The prayers are being held not for just Shami’s good performance but also a win for Team India, which has so far shown consistency. For all of us assembled here as well as for the entire village, this is a special occasion, and God willing, our prayers will be answered.”

According to the maulvi, people are thronging all the four mosques in the village, where special prayers are being held for the team’s success.

Elaborating on the significance of number 11, Shami’s father Tauseef said, “Eleven maulvis are praying for all the 11 players’ success.”

Shami’s father said the villagers were least interested in cricket until Shami made it to Team India. “Few people were interested in the game here earlier. But Shami’s inclusion in the Indian squad and his exceptional performance in the World Cup changed it all,” he said.

Tauseef said there were plans for an elaborate feast if Indian win the crucial tie against Australia. “Inshallah, we will have a great feast where all the villagers will be invited to celebrate the win,” he said.

Shami’s grandmother was in prayer all day long on Wednesday. His mother Anjumara Begum said, “My son is playing for the country and my blessings are with him.”

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