Razer announces it’ll be hiking the prices of its gaming laptops

Razer has admitted that it will be raising the prices of its gaming laptop line for 2022 due to inflating component costs.

Company CEO Min-Liang Tan delivered the hammer blow through Twitter (via Videocardz), in which “significant increases in component costs” were cited.

This is bad news for anyone hoping to buy a new gaming laptop from the marque in 2022. The current Razer Blade 15 already starts from £2,149.99 over on Razer’s UK website, while the 17-inch mode starts from £2,399.99.

The Razer Blade 14, which we awarded the Best Gaming Laptop of 2021, starts from £2,199.99. Our reviewer praised its inclusion of “lashings of gaming and productivity power alongside a great screen and solid keyboard.”

You might be well advised to take the plunge on one of these Razer gaming laptops right now, ahead of the price hike. The only thing is, next year’s more expensive models promise to bring new and improved architectures in the form of the AMD Ryzen 6000 series and Intel’s 12th Gen Core Alder Lake-P.

In addition, AMD and NVIDIA will be introducing improved laptop GPUs. The temptation to hold out for the best and most future-proof gaming laptop possible is considerable.

Just know that today’s prices will not be representative when their replacements finally come along.

These new prices could bite quickly too, with new Razer laptops expected to take a bow around CES 2022. The Las Vegas tech show kicks off on January 5.

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