Razer has announced that RazerCon is returning this October

Razer is bringing RazerCon back for 2021, with some exclusive reveals in a show that is expected to be bigger than the 2020 edition.

Big events are slowly emerging back on the calendar for 2021, and one for gamers to look forward is the announcement that Razer is bringing back RazerCon for “round II” on 21 October. The showcase will also be the first ever completely carbon neutral gamers’ livestream.

Back in 2020, the first RazerCon debuted to much success with over a million views and more than 250,000 hours watched. It looks like the 2021 show could be an even bigger success.

We can expect some exclusive reveals and news, with viewers getting the chance to look at Razer’s interconnected services, software and hardware that’s set to arrive in the next year.

Some of the events happening at RazerCon include a keynote with Razer CEO and Co-founder Min-Liang Tan, as well as content highlights and reveals from partners such as Norton Gaming, Intel and Microsoft.

Some gaming studios will also be making an appearance at the event, with Larian Studios, Capcom, Paradox Interactive and 24 Entertainment expected to show off some exciting previews and gaming showcases.

There will be some news about Razer’s growing ecosystem and some sneak peeks of unannounced Razer products by the company’s product leads. And it’s expected there will be some chatter about games and various giveaways, so keep your eyes peeled for any upcoming titles.

How to watch RazerCon 2021

You will be able to watch RazerCon on Razer’s social media, including Twitch, Facebook, Youtube and TikTok, so you have plenty of options at your disposal.

The pre-show event starts at 4pm over here in the UK, and 8am PST. The keynote event kicks off at 6pm UK time and 10am PST, and is expected to go on for a few hours, ending at 2am BST or 6pm PST.

You can check out the trailer for the RazerCon 2021 showcase below.

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