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Real Big Hits will be promoting unique titles across a variety of genres for both finished and unfinished content at MipTV stand P-1.F82. Distribution properties include live interactive nature series safariLIVE, paranormal series Strange Curiosity, environmental series Patagonia Adventures, martial arts thriller feature film Black Salt, musical feature film Destination Fame, comedy web series Winners and Abstract Poverty, factual series The Allotment, animated series Hank the Cowdog, and dramatic feature film Meet Mario. Also on display will be the realbighits.com portal with unique content for partially developed shows, sizzles, and scripts from thousands of creatives worldwide seeking project funding or sales.

safariLIVE is a live interactive series shot produced by WildEarth Media, (Pty) Ltd. It is shot in 4K in South Africa featuring viewer input into a live, immersive safari adventure. Currently airing in prime time on National Geographic, it is looking for additional distribution in Japan and alternative markets.

Patagonia Adventures is an episodic environmental nature series produced by Patagonia Adventures Film Inc. Set against the scenic landscapes of the South American high plains, each episode tells the personal impact of environmental change from the viewpoint of a different celebrity. It is seeking distribution outside of South America.

Strange Curiosity is a twenty episode paranormal series from 9 Diamond Productions, LLC. and executive producers Brad Klinge (former host of Discovery’s Ghost Lab series) and John Gray. Each episode focuses on a unique paranormal event, phenomena, character and/or location.

Black Salt is an award winning mini feature film produced by Joule Entertainment and Ratti Entertainment. It is an impactful martial arts story featuring African-American talent with a uniquely different style. It is airing on HBO in the United States on April 4 and is seeking additional distribution outside the United States.    

Destination Fame, produced by DP Enterprises/ Paul DeAngelo in collaboration with Joseph Jackson, is a tribute to Michael Jackson. It is a musical feature film about six high school graduates who learn about the value of friendship, the inconsistencies of life and what it takes to make it in the music industry. If features twenty original songs written for the film.

Winners is an uproarious comedy series produced by Winners Web Series, about artists who don’t have the talent to “make it” or the sense to give up.

Abstract Poverty by Digi Ranch is a 10 webisode comedy series about three roommates who try to co-exist and maintain the bougie lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed – it’s brunch before the rent as far as they are concerned.

The Allotment, a ten episode series, features host Charlie Dimmock in a light-hearted but educational look at ‘growing your own’ gardens and particularly the activity that takes place in the fast expanding community of allotments.

Hank the Cowdog, by HTC Productions, is a brand new children’s animated series based on the award winning books by John Erickson (over 9 million sold), in a “Wild West” adventure theme format.

Meet Mario (produced by Meet Mario LLC) is a dramatic feature film about a young Italian man born of an African-American father and Italian mother, who finds love while battling racism from his fiancé’s Italian-American family.

In addition to the distribution catalog, Real Big Hits will be showcasing its realbighits.com 24/7 global content marketplace. The portal introduces creative ideas from aspiring talent worldwide to production companies and networks interested in purchasing or funding ideas. The freemium site provides an opportunity for creatives to get discovered at little or no cost, with further encouragement from funding contests sponsored by Real Big Hits Funding Corp. It offers prospective buyers or funders a source for alternative, unique ideas. The secure site blocks public access to protect and ensure the uniqueness of submissions. The portal is built on the proprietary eMAM technology, which has been helping leading media and other organizations worldwide produce, share, distribute, and monetize content since 2006.

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Real Big Hits is a member of the Empress family of closely held companies which includes Empress Media Asset Management, the author of eMAM software and workflow solutions, Real Big Hits Funding Corp, a non-profit organization dedicated to funding next generation talent, and Empress Digital, a leading American supplier for recording media since 1998.

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