ResumeTemplates.com Survey Reveals 7 in 10 Recent Job Seekers Cheated During the Hiring Process

“Competition from high numbers of applicants – coupled with more virtual forms of interviewing – are two major reasons job seekers cheat during the hiring process,” explains Executive Resume Writer and Career Coach Andrew Stoner. “The proliferation of technological resources and the perceived low risk of being caught might be emboldening more applicants to take their chances.”

Job seekers engage in various forms of dishonesty, including 22 percent admitting to cheating on online assessments. Among these respondents, 71 percent used unauthorized assistance from Google, 37 percent from ChatGPT, and 33 percent from another person. The reasons for cheating include anxiety, the belief that someone else could do it better, a lack of knowledge on how to complete the task and laziness.

Additionally, respondents admit to cheating and lying across interview formats: 15 percent during phone interviews, 13 percent during in-person interviews, and 11 percent during video interviews. Furthermore, 46 percent of recent job seekers confessed they gave a false reference, 22 percent to fabricating information on their resumes, and 13 percent to lying on their cover letters.

Conducted in May 2024, this survey included 1,759 U.S. respondents, with 1,250 completing the full survey. To qualify for the full survey, respondents had to confirm that they had searched for a job within the past two years. To view the complete report, please visit: https://www.resumetemplates.com/7-in-10-recent-job-seekers-cheated-during-the-hiring-process/.

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