Sage Risotto Plus Review

What is a Sage by Heston Blumenthal Risotto Plus?

The Sage Risotto Plus is a multi-cooker that promises to prepare feathery rice and tawny risotto though stirring, as good as being a behind cooker. It also has a sauté/sear duty that creates it easier to prepare all in one pot – for instance sautéing onions and garlic as a bottom for a risotto or withering beef for a stew.

Results are considerable – a no-stir risotto was roughly as tasty as one that’s been slaved over for half an hour, interjection to a crafty duty that uses froth to perturb a rice. The build peculiarity is artistic too. In fact, a usually thing that rankles about a Sage Risotto Plus is a cost tag.

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Sage Risotto Plus – Design and Features

The build peculiarity of a Sage Risotto Plus strikes we immediately. It feels plain and good built, with peculiarity materials and pattern sum such as glorious handles on a side for transferring it to a list or simply relocating it in a kitchen.

It comes with a rice paddle, cosmetic measuring crater and a vast immaculate steel bubbling tray – where many behind cookers come with a small cosmetic tray. The turn cooking pot is non-stick, as is a inside of a cooker itself. Capacity is 3.7 litres, adequate for 20 cups of baked rice.

The controls are simple: buttons during a bottom to name one of 5 modes: risotto, sauté/sear, rice/steam, behind cooker low, behind cooker high. There’s no countdown timer or behind start. You can’t module a cooking time, usually switch it on in a morning and off again when we get home.

If you’re cooking rice or steaming, however, a cooker will switch over to keep comfortable mode once it’s cooked. (This common rice cooker underline competence seem like magic, though it’s utterly simple: a feverishness sensor detects a fact that your food is removing hotter since all a cooking H2O has been absorbed.)

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Notable facilities are a sauté/sear and risotto modes. The former offers a high feverishness for withering beef or sautéing bottom mixture such as onions, garlic and spices. Interestingly a instructions advise it’s protected to use from age 8, creation it a safer choice to a hob for budding chefs.

The risotto mode controls feverishness by a series of phases to emanate small froth that perturb a rice, releasing starch to give a plate a tawny hardness though a need to stir.

Sage Risotto Plus – What’s it like to use?

The no-stir risotto was impressive. Firstly, since a sauté/sear mode meant there was no need to use a second pan. Secondly, since a formula were roughly as deliciously tawny as if a risotto had been influenced constantly for half an hour. And thirdly since it sensed when a plate was baked and automatically switched to keep comfortable mode.

The sauté/sear mode seemed a small on a prohibited side – butter browned somewhat quicker than you’d wish for. But with Heston Blumenthal’s name on a box we can’t assistance jealous yourself: what if you’ve been sautéing during a wrong feverishness for years?

Blumenthal has clearly had a palm in a product. He’s famously a fan of cooking solemnly so that beef retains a juices (if protein is exhilarated quickly, it contracts and a juices are squeezed out). The cooker’s pattern is exquisite and a concomitant recipes from Blumenthal are surprisingly not too bonkers – there’s a unsatisfactory miss of snail porridge.

Should we buy a Sage Risotto Plus?

If we only wish a behind cooker and/or a rice cooker, no, as it’s tough to clear a Sage’s cost tag. Instead, demeanour during some-more affordable options like a Lakeland Brushed Chrome Family Slow Cooker or a Tefal 8-in-1 Multi Cooker (the latter is generally good for cooking with a time delay).

But if we adore risotto, or we simply wish to make slow-cooked dishes though regulating another vessel to sear/sauté first, a beautifully done Sage Risotto Plus won’t disappoint.


This reward one-pot cooker saves on time and soaking up. Superb, if we don’t mind a large cost tag.

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