Sage The Kitchen Wizz Pro 2.7L

What is Sage The Kitchen Wizz Pro 2.7L?

A compact version of the Kitchen Wizz Pro, the Pro 2.7L model shares the aim of the original, which is to make food prep easier by adapting to suit different food types.

Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, it comes with a host of kit to handle everything you can throw at it. This includes a feed chute that’s wide enough to handle foodstuffs such as potatoes, plus a mini-feed chute insert for long, thin ingredients, such as carrots.

An adjustable slicer offers eight slicing settings, from a paper-thin 0.3mm to a chunky 8mm, while a quad blade boasts four super-sharp knives that can also mix, blend and shred. A dough blade will handle most kneading needs.

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Sage The Kitchen Wizz Pro 2.7L

Sage The Kitchen Wizz Pro 2.7L – Design and Features

From the outside, the Kitchen Wizz Pro 2.7L is every inch a typical food processor, with a weighty base unit and good-sized main bowl. However, inside things are a little smarter.

Rather than a pin protruding in the bowl onto which you slot accessories, the bowl is all one piece with a stainless-steel connector that’s also designed to absorb vibration.

Each tool fits onto a spindle that slips over the connector, or, in the case of the mini-bowl and blade, straight onto the main bowl’s connector. All of which results in no leaks or mess, but more secure coupling for less wear and tear.

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Powered by an induction motor, its controls are relatively simple: a button to power it on; a start/pause button; and a pulse. It comes with a variety of tools which store away in a case.

A reversible shredder offers the option of fine or coarse, while an adjustable slicer has a knob that twists to expand the blade through eight positions. The quad blade is the star of the show for versatility, adapting to tasks such as chopping and puréeing to making pastry and batters, and emulsifying sauces too.

Sage The Kitchen Wizz Pro 2.7L – What’s it like to use?

Each part of the Kitchen Wizz Pro 2.7L that needs to connect to another offers helpful arrows to indicate how to assemble the machine, so putting it together proved simple.

I started with the dough blade in place, to make the base for pizza. Adding all the dry ingredients and oil, we slowly poured warm water through the feed chute while the motor was running. While at first the mixture formed crumbs, the dough soon came together, and could be removed for a final knead before proving; it rose well. Once baked, the base was light and springy.

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Next, I used the Quad blade to emulsify mayonnaise. After processing yolks, mustard and white wine vinegar in the bowl, we drizzled oil in through the small feed chute. The sauce soon began to thicken and combine, forming a rich, creamy mayonnaise with a glossy texture. While some of the raw ingredients had gathered around the base of the blade, they were easily mixed in.

Swapping the blade for the adjustable slicing disc, we set it to position 4 and pushed quarter chunks of aubergine into the large feed chute. The resulting slices were noticeably even and ideal for a layered dish, such as moussaka. Switching back to the Quad blade, we tried out its chopping abilities with chunks of beef. Although they required a gentle push to reach the blades, several pulses resulted in a very fine mince, suitable for making burgers or meatloaf.

Finally, we used the reversible shredding disc to grate potato for hash browns. The processed potato was evenly shredded, making the mixture easy to shape and very crunchy when fried.

Sage The Kitchen Wizz Pro 2.7L 15

Cleaning The Kitchen Wizz Pro 2.7L wasn’t as straightforward as we’d have hoped. One part was actually marked up as not dishwasher safe, and there was guidance in the instructions to not put other items, such as the bowl and lid, in the dishwasher on a regular basis.

All the tools can be cleaned in the dishwasher, though, which may be advisable as some, such as the Quad blade, are very sharp and awkward to clean by hand.

Should I buy the Sage The Kitchen Wizz Pro 2.7L?

With an emphasis on precise results, The Kitchen Wizz Pro 2.7L is ideal for those who are exacting about how they slice and dice.

While it has a higher price tag than some food processors, there’s plenty in the box, meaning it could easily replace several kitchen gadgets as well as give you several new functions with which to play.

However, some of its convenience is compromised by not being able to pop all the components in the dishwasher.

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For slicing and dicing, sauces, doughs and more, The Kitchen Wizz Pro offers up a neat box of tricks. If your current processor lacks power, it might be time to upgrade.

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