Samsung DW60H9970FS Review

What is the Samsung DW60H9970FS?

Headlining Samsung’s flagship ‘WaterWall’ series of dishwashers, the Samsung DW60H9970FS is a premium appliance with great looks and innovative features throughout. Samsung’s WaterWall technology gets rid of the traditional rotating spray arm in favour of a full-width spray bar that moves front-to-back creating a wall of water. High pressure jets of water get right to the edges of the compartment promising pristine cleaning wherever and however you stack your washing-up in the machine.

The fit and finish is outstanding inside and out, with a lush semi-gloss stainless steel case with progress and time indicators cleverly concealed to give a very smooth look when the machine is turned off. On the inside there is vivid blue LED lighting, basket runners that glide on roller bearings and controls are concealed on the top edge of the door, much like and integrated appliance. The list of features and technologies is as eye watering as the £900 asking price, but the performance can’t be argued with. This is a great dishwasher.

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Samsung DW60H9970FS: What is it like to use?

Using the DW60H9970FS leaves you in little doubt that a lot of thought has gone into putting this dishwasher together. At the top is a dedicated pull-out cutlery tray. While this is not unique in itself the inset is made of flexible rubber to make it easier to pull out and unload. This feature takes a little getting used to and we struggled to get it seated right at first. After a few practise attempts it becomes easy and even allows you to carry the tray folded over in one hand if required.

Both of the pullout drawers move on roller-bearing runners that glide out like top-quality kitchen drawers even when fully loaded. The upper of the two can be raised by 5cm or so to give room for plates up to 30cm in the bottom, although this does reduce the height available on the top rack of course.

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The WaterWall technology is further enhanced by the ability to increase water pressure to one side of the lower tray or the other. This might be useful if you have particularly baked on grime on bowls on the right hand side and easier to clean plates on the other. In a similar way the half load programme can be optimised to work best in the upper half or lower half of the machine depending on how you have loaded up.

The programme and wash options are accessed using stylish, stainless steel touch buttons on the top edge of the door, making the operation of the machine is simple and intuitive. The estimated cycle time, illuminated in blue on the top of the door, also subtly shines through the stainless steel on the secondary display on the front.

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Consumables are topped up in a more traditional manner, the door inner having standard tablet/powder/rinse aid dispenser and salt compartment, and a removable solids filter is situated in the base. You can set-up the Samsung DW60H9970FS to pop the door open automatically at the end of the cycle, which aids drying through letting the steam escape.

With the blue LED light emerging you can’t help but nod a say ‘cool’ the first time you see this in action. Assuming the blue light shining from the inside doesn’t attract your attention to the end of the cycle, the lengthy and annoying tune it plays will certainly have you rushing to unload.

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Samsung DW60H9970FS: What programmes does it have?

Samsung hasn’t gone overboard with the selection of washing programmes available, limiting your choices to just six with some manual add-ons. The core programmes cover fully-Auto, ECO, intensive, delicate and quick washes, along with a self-clean programme. Options include Left/Right zone boost, upper or lower half load and a sanitize programme that washes at 70 degrees C to reduce bacteria.

There is an extra-dry function to ensure there are no little pools of water left on top of cups for example, a speed booster mode and a delay start of up to 24hours. This can be used to either ensure your dishes are freshly washed by a certain time or to make the most of cheaper night time electricity.

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