Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra vs Apple Watch Ultra 2: Five key differences

Samsung’s just launched an all new-new smartwatch to go head to head with the Apple Watch Ultra 2. Here’s how they compare.

While the last few Samsung Galaxy Watches have been great devices in their own right, it seems as though Samsung wants to try a different tact for 2024 as the company has revamped its wearable line to compete more directly with Apple.

In addition to the recently unveiled Samsung Galaxy Watch FE (think Samsung’s alternative to the Apple Watch SE), the company has just shown off the new Galaxy Watch 7 which will appeal to most people, and the outdoor focused Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra.

You can easily guess from the name alone that the latter device is Samsung’s answer to the Apple Watch Ultra 2, so if you want to know how these two premium wearables compare then here are the key bits you need to know.

Both watches uses titanium

One of the biggest features Apple touted when it launched its Watch Ultra line was the use of a super durable titanium chassis that allowed it to be worn during recreational diving expeditions.

Samsung’s gone down the same route with the Galaxy Watch Ultra using grade 4 titanium, making it water resistant up to 10ATM (just like the Ultra 2), carrying an official IP68 rating which differs slightly to the IP6X of the Apple Watch Ultra 2.

Samsung Galaxy Watch UltraSamsung Galaxy Watch Ultra

Samsung has more colourful options

While Apple has spent a lot of time making sure that the Watch Ultra 2 is ready to withstand the elements, it hasn’t offered much in the way of personalisation beyond the ability to swap out your watch strap, as it’s only available in one colour.

To score an easy win against its competitor, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra is available in three different colour options: Titanium Silver, Titanium Grey and Titanium White. It’s a minor difference but it could mean quite a lot to anyone who isn’t completely sold on the Ultra 2’s aesthetic.

The Galaxy Watch Ultra has a larger battery

Take any repercussions here with a grain of salt as we won’t know exact battery performance until we get the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra in for testing but on paper at least, it does boast a larger cell than Apple’s device.

With a 590mAh battery that trumps the smaller 564mAh cell found in the Apple Watch Ultra 2, there’s a chance that Samsung’s watch might last for longer at a time. If this ends up being the case, this could be a huge boon given that hikers and marathon runners will want to squeeze out as much battery life as possible from whichever watch they decide to buy.

Apple Watch Ultra 2 wins on screen size

Despite having a slightly smaller battery, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 can brag about having a larger display. Sitting at 1.92-inches, the Ultra 2 has more screen real estate to play with than the 1.5-inch display on the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra.

Samsung’s flagship wearable is cheaper

One thing that works against the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is its high price tag of £799/$799, which is quite a bit higher than similar outdoor watches from the likes of Garmin and Coros. While Samsung has tried to emulate the Watch Ultra 2 on features, it has gone in the opposite direction where price is concerned.

At launch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra will start at £599, which is £200 cheaper than the Apple Watch Ultra 2. On that basis alone, Samsung’s offering could end up being quite popular within the Android ecosystem, but only time will tell.

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