Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 dummy unit spotted out in the wild

We’ve had our best look yet at the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6, courtesy of a dummy unit that’s been spotted out in the wild.

Samsung’s next foldable flagship, the Galaxy Z Fold 6, has seen countless leaks and rumours appear online ahead of its likely announcement next month. But this latest leak offers us a close look at the foldable’s design.

X (formerly Twitter) user @ta_tech located these snaps on a South Korean forum. They appear to show a dummy unit of the Galaxy Z Fold 6. Such dummy units are often created by manufacturers and sent out to accessory makers so that they can start producing cases ahead of an official launch.

In other words, there’s no guarantee that these pictures are authentic, but there’s a very real chance that they are.

So what do we gain from these snaps? They seem to confirm previous rumours that Samsung going for a sharper, pointier, more industrial design language with its new foldable range.

They also seem to concur with claims that Samsung is mixing up the aspect ratio of both displays, resulting in a wider (and thus more ‘normal’) external display. Unfortunately, they also seem to suggest that the inner display crease is still very much a thing.

Conversely, there’s little evidence of the external hinge when the phone is closed up. It’s all pointing to a Galaxy Z Fold 6 that should be much more pleasant to look at and hold when closed.

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