Samsung moving to Android 12L is great news for Galaxy Z Fold 3 owners

Samsung’s next major mobile UI update will reportedly see the company transition to the big screen-friendly Android 12L operating system.

The site Sammy Fans discovered a change log for Samsung’s One Hand Operation+ app pertaining to One UI 4.1.1, which happens to mention that it’s built on top of Android 12L (via Android Police).

Android 12L was announced late last year as part of Google’s efforts to create a version of Android that’s friendlier to foldable and larger screen tablets.

News Samsung is making the transition is good news for owners of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and even better news for those eying up a Galaxy Z Fold 4, due later this year. That device should come with Android 12L out of the box.

Android 12L offers improved multitasking and split screen experiences across the board. Google is adding a dock at the foot of the display, which will make it easier to add drag and drop apps into dual screen mode.

“In 12L we’ve refined the UI to make Android more beautiful and easier to use on screens larger than 600dp — across notifications, quick settings, lockscreen, overview, home screen, and more,” Google said on the Android 12L developer page.

Google adds: “Running apps in split-screen mode is a popular way of multitasking, and in 12L we’ve made split screen easier than ever to discover and use. Users can now drag and drop their favourite apps into split screen directly from the taskbar, or they can also use a new “Split” action in the overview to start split-screen mode with a tap.”

The Samsung foldable should also benefit from the array of first and third-party apps being optimised for tablet-shaped, larger displays announced at Google I/O as part of Android 13. More than 20 stock apps including YouTube Music (which puts artists front and centre), Messages (multi-column view), and Maps (faster access to pertinent information) are currently rolling out.

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