Samsung SC21F60YG Vacuum Cleaners Review

What is the Samsung SC21F60YG

The SC21F60YG is Samsung’s take on the more traditional cylinder cleaner featuring a powerful motor, extreme suction power and bagged dust collection. It promises to be kind to furniture with its soft curved bumper crafted from a unique air cushioned protector. While traditional rubber bumpers might leave marks on furniture, this new material ensures even the most enthusiastic of vacuuming will leave no tell-tails dinks or scuffs.

The large 3.5litre dust bag offers almost twice the capacity of Samsung’s bagless cylinder cleaners and the bags have micro-filtration to capture the smallest particles of dirt and allergens. A dust sensor on the down tube turns red when it detects a particularly mucky spot that might need going over a few times and turns green when the area has been cleared.

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Samsung SC21F60YG

Samsung SC21F60YG: Accessories?

Along with the standard carpet or hard flooring brush head with its retractable bristles, our version of the SC21F60YG came with a crevice tool and a head that doubled up as an upholstery brush and dusting brush with retractable bristles. There is no on-board tool storage so some extra shelf space will be required. This model is available with or without Samsung’s UV anti-microbe brush head with the price going up by around £80 for the UV equipped model. Check out our reviews of Samsung’s bagless cylinder cleaners for a review on the UV head. With the remote control handle all the controls are within easy reach, including three levels of suction power.

Samsung SC21F60YG: How does it clean carpets and hard floors?

The SC21F60YG certainly lives up to its billing of extreme suction and on its highest power setting feels like it could suck the whole carpet off of the floor! On this setting the main tool head tends to ‘stick’ to both carpets and hard floors making it heavy work to push and pull around, so appropriate use of the right power level is essential. When the head is not stuck to the floor like a limpet, the machine itself moves around easily despite its rather portly dimensions and relatively hefty weight.

The air cushioned bumper is a superb additional feature and does indeed allow you to collide with even light-coloured timber chair legs without leaving a mark.

Given the correct setting the SC21F60YC offers superb cleaning results on carpets or hard floors yet the main head does not get as close to the edge as some competitor models with a narrow band of dust clearly visible after cleaning. Amazingly given its suction power, it was actually some 3dB quieter in use than Samsung suggested!

Samsung SC21F60YG

Samsung SC21F60YG

Samsung SC21F60YG: How easy is it to use on stairs?

Stair cleaning is not really the forte of the SC21F60YG. It does not have any specific stair tools, the hose will only get you half way up the stairs and its size and weight do not make for easy carrying or secure placement on a step. We found the dusting brush was the most effective tool for stair cleaning although you have to use appropriate power to stop the brush sticking to the carpet under the suction power.

Samsung SC21F60YG: How does it cope with pet hair?

Like most cylinder models without a rotating brush head, this Samsung struggled with pet hairs ingrained into the carpet. The three step power control did however stop the brush head bedding into the carpet and making the hair tangle up around the brushes. It took around 39 seconds to clear our standard 30cm test patch of mixed Collie and Labrador hair, which is average for cylinder cleaners without a turning brush head.

Samsung SC21F60YG

Should I buy the Samsung SC21F60YG?

The SC21F60YG is the muscle-car of vacuum cleaners. It mates a big, powerful engine with traditional technology in the form of bagged dust collection. The result is heavyweight performance rather than flexibility. Given a strong arm it will clean a very large area of floor quickly and efficiently, and the 3.5litre HEPA-class dust bag will ensure you can go several whole house cleans without changing the bag. The same strong arm will be required to carry the machine and use it on stairs, making it less easy to use than many competitors.

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