Seamfix Raises $4.5 Million in Funding Round Led by Alitheia IDF, Supported by Growthink Capital

Seamfix, a leading digital identity solutions provider, has successfully secured a $4.5 million investment from Alitheia IDF, a renowned gender lens investing fund.

LAGOS, Nigeria, May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Seamfix, a leading digital identity solutions provider, has successfully secured a $4.5 million investment from Alitheia IDF, a renowned gender lens investing fund. The funding round, facilitated by Growthink Capital, represents a significant milestone for Seamfix, enabling the company to accelerate its growth and expand its footprint across Africa.

The investment from Alitheia IDF will fuel Seamfix’s mission to scale its technology infrastructure, enhance data flow crucial for continental trade and integration, and initiate the expansion of its digital ID and credential services into five new African countries. This capital injection signifies a pivotal moment for Seamfix as it embarks on its journey to empower individuals and businesses across Africa with verifiable digital identities.

Chimezie Emewulu, Co-Founder and CEO of Seamfix, expressed his enthusiasm about the funding, stating, “We are thrilled to announce this new funding, which marks a significant milestone in our journey of shaping the future of digital ID verification in Africa and connecting Africa to the rest of the world. Digital identity is a right – not a privilege – and this belief underpins our innovation and commitment to enabling individuals and businesses in Africa to access all the benefits that come with having verifiable identities. This investment not only validates our vision but also empowers us to expand our reach and innovate further.”

The strategic partnership between Seamfix and Alitheia IDF represents a shared commitment to driving digital inclusion and economic empowerment across Africa. With Seamfix’s innovative solutions and Alitheia IDF’s support, millions of individuals, especially women, will gain access to crucial identification services, fostering greater participation in the African economy.

Seamfix extends its gratitude to Growthink Capital for their invaluable assistance throughout the growth strategy and fundraising processes. The collaborative efforts of all parties involved have positioned Seamfix for accelerated growth and enhanced impact in the digital identity space.

Lilian Wilfred, Head of Finance at Seamfix, added, “We are excited about the possibility this presents and how it will help us scale our business. Seamfix is very grateful to the Growthink Capital team for the support to get us to this point.”

Tokunboh Ishmael, Principal Partner at Alitheia IDF, remarked, “In an increasingly digital-first world where digital platforms are enabling inclusion and broadening access to essential services, digital IDs are key to accessing opportunities. With this investment, Alitheia IDF is working with Seamfix to amplify its work in enabling millions of women to participate in the African economy and reach their full potential by providing crucial identification services.”

About Seamfix:

Seamfix is a global digital identity solutions provider, offering identity management, data capture, and process automation solutions for large businesses and government agencies worldwide. By leveraging technology to simplify digital identity, Seamfix enables thousands of businesses to deliver better services to millions of end customers. For more information, visit: www.seamfix.com

About Alitheia IDF:

Alitheia IDF (AIF) is a pioneering gender lens fund that identifies, invests in, and grows SMEs led by gender-diverse teams in six African countries. As Africa’s first women-focused and women-led private equity fund, AIF is committed to advancing gender equality through impactful investments in various sectors. For more information, visit: www.alitheiaidf.com

About Growthink Capital & Growthink Impact:

Growthink Capital specializes in raising equity and debt capital and executing acquisition, divestiture, and merger transactions for emerging and middle-market companies. With a track record of facilitating successful transactions across diverse industries, Growthink Capital is dedicated to helping companies achieve their growth objectives. For more information, visit: www.growthinkcapital.com and https://www.growthink.com/impact

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