SellerActive Continues to Capture More Buy Boxes for Amazon Sellers

SellerActive - Smarter Order and Inventory Management

SellerActive – Smarter Order and Inventory Management

We’re really excited with how well [the new Buy Box algorithm] works. Since its release, we’ve seen it capture the Buy Box 78% of the time on average for items not at the floor price.

SellerActive, Portland-based provider of cloud inventory and order management, released the latest update to their Buy Box algorithm. The algorithm update headlines a host of improvements as the company continues to develop the repricing capabilities of its platform.

Amazon sellers and third-party repricing companies have been trying to crack the code of the Amazon Buy Box for years. Capturing the Buy Box on a product detail page gives sellers a much better chance of having their item purchased. When there are multiple sellers offering the same product, sellers may compete for the Buy Box for that product. Amazon encourages this competition in order to give customers the best possible shopping experience with sellers having to meet performance-based requirements to be eligible to compete for the Buy Box. Within the industry, the seller with their product currently listed in the Buy Box is referred to as having “captured” it.

SellerActive’s Advanced Buy Box 2.0 helps sellers more efficiently capture the Buy Box while defending their profits. The new algorithm uses Amazon’s subscription notifications to target the Buy Box, and considers more than just price when competing for the Buy Box. To keep sellers from wasting their resources competing with a seller who’s not in their league, it looks at feedback rating, leadtime to ship, fulfillment type, product category, and more requirements. The algorithm also incrementally adjusts to improve the Buy Box capture percentage of sellers, while increasing the speed of which the seller can notify Amazon of price changes for their products. Faster updates to Amazon mean an edge over the competition for sellers competing for the Buy Box.

This new algorithm will help frustrated Amazon sellers who are trying to avoid a race to the bottom with their competitors. What often happens for sellers competing for the Buy Box is that in an effort to have the best price, sellers can get caught in a loop of pricing a penny less than the competitor, who then prices their item a penny less, and so on, with no one repricing upwards to recover the lost dollars even if it means taking a loss on the item when it sells. SellerActive’s updated pricing algorithm helps sellers avoid getting caught in those races by raising their prices back up according to their strategy.

“Seasoned sellers and those just starting out selling on Amazon are able to use SellerActive’s Advanced Buy Box 2.0 right now,” says Travis Tomlinson, SellerActive product manager. “We’re really excited with how well it works. Since its release, we’ve seen it capture the Buy Box 78% of the time on average for items not at the floor price.”

To take full advantage of the automated repricing capabilities, SellerActive recommends selecting the option that allows SellerActive to choose the settings of your pricing strategy.

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SellerActive is a powerful all-in-one inventory management platform with a suite of tools for busy online retailers who need to manage time-consuming selling tasks. Striving to remove the frustrations online sellers face daily, SellerActive offers fast listing tools, accurate market data, and efficient shipping solutions, with a bevy of integrated marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, eBay Motors, Rakuten, Newegg, Sears and more. Automated tools constantly sync and update business processes from repricing to order fulfillment to reporting. With outstanding support and proven technology, they are your partner every step of the way to grow your business. To learn more, visit http://www.selleractive.com or call 1-800-545-7385.

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