Sending your iPhone in for repair will be less hassle after iOS 17.5 drops

Apple is preparing a new Repair State mode for iPhone, which would relieve users of turning off the Find My and Stolen Device Protection features when getting the device fixed.

The new mode has emerged within the latest iOS 17.5 beta, and was discovered within the code by 9to5Mac this week.

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To enable Repair State within iOS 17.5, users will use their Apple ID and password to let the device know it’s about to go into the Apple Store for repair. That will enable the Apple Store employee to confirm the identity of the person who owns the phone.

When enabled, users will see a notification informing them the phone is “Ready for Repair” and that the phone will be fully functional in the meantime.

That avoids the need to turn off those two safety protocols before handing over the device. Given Apple’s Stolen Device Protection mode is designed to prevent Find My being turned off for a certain period after the device has been nicked!

Because of this, as 9to5Mac points out, iPhone users have had to wait around at the Apple Store for ages before the time delay elapses. It seems that once iOS 17.5 drops to consumers in the next few weeks, that little anomaly will be wiped out.

Historically, Apple has requested users turn off the Find My capabilities, which has given some iPhone users the willies as they’re no longer able to track the whereabouts of their device. Now iPhone users will be able to keep tabs on their handset at all times while it undergoes its MOT.

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