Servis DN61039W

What is the Servis DN61039SS?

The Servis has developed a decent reputation at TrustedReviews for delivering good quality appliances at relatively affordable prices. The Servis DN61039W – also available in stainless steel as the DN61039SS – is very much of the same mould. Boasting a heroic A+++ energy efficiency rating and a fairly ambitious 15-place setting capacity, the machine boasts 10-programmes and a slick-looking LCD display set in a gloss black fascia. The stainless steel version looks very and is only around £30 to £50 more than the standard white model.

On the inside the space is flexible with customisable stacking racks, an easily height adjustable top basket and pull out cutlery drawer at the top in addition to the standard cutlery basket. You can split the load for intensive washing at the bottom and more delicate items at the top. It’s best quality is how quiet it is – it’s one of the quietest dishwashers we’ve tested and is Quiet Mark approved. Overall, it’s a good value machine that performs well, though drying in Eco mode was a little disappointing.

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Servis DN61039SS: What is it like to use?

The Servis is a large, 15-place setting machine – place setting figures a guide to capacity rather than an absolute, but it’s impressive all the same. Key to this is its flexible and adaptable baskets that feature a range of flip up/down holders and racks to cater for any load configuration. We struggled to load plates much over 24cm in diameter in the default setup, but raising the upper basket, which is a neat and simple one-touch operation giving you another 5cm of height below.

At the top of the compartment is a pull-out cutlery tray allowing knives and forks to be laid out for best cleaning and drying results as well as freeing up space in the main baskets (although a cutlery basket is supplied as well). The centre portion of the cutlery tray is deeper, which we found excellent for cooking utensils like spatulas, fish slices and serving spoons. By dipping down in the centre only, there is still a fair bit of room for taller cups in the top basket (at the edges) even if you won’t get a wine glasses in there with the upper basket in the high position.

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Tablets or powder, salt and rinse aid input are all pretty standard fittings with an easily removable filter at the base. On the outside, the front panel LCD display makes selecting a programme and controlling the Servis a breeze. It has few buttons that simply scroll through programmes and options and then press start.

One slight issue we found was that the LCD display is clearly visible looking directly at (as if you were bending down level with it) but it loses clarity if viewed from above – which we found most likely as you stand up after loading the machine. Coming back after the Christmas break when the test facility was still cold we also found the display steamed up a little by the end of most cycles.

Servis DN61039SS: What programmes does it have?

The 10-programme headline is impressive, although these programmes include variable temperatures that other machines (with lower programme count) might have as an add-on to any programme. Neither are the programmes very descriptive in terms of what they are suited too, which may be a challenge if your old dishwasher has more familiar glass/plate/pans symbols for the programmes.

In addition to a pre-wash cycle you get an Eco programme, three speed based programmes at 18, 30 and 50 minutes and a Daily 60-degree C wash. There are three main automatic washes, delicate, normal and intensive, and Servis’ Dual-pro wash. This 60-degree C wash uses high water pressure in the lower half of the machine and less at the top, allowing you to intensively clean pots and pans at the same time as delicate glassware.

A secondary options menu offers a range of add-ons. These include Extra Hygiene high temperature, a tablet detergent mode, upper or lower basket half load and three ‘Extra’ programmes – Extra Fast, Extra Silent and Extra Dry. All three of these modes did exactly what they suggested but generally used more electricity (Dry) or washed less efficiently (Fast, Silent). The list is complete with a delay timer and pause mode.

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Servis DN61039SS: How noisy is it?

The Servis DN61039SS is amazingly quiet through the entire wash cycle, so it is understandable that it has achieved the Quiet Mark award. There are very few pops or clicks as valves open and even with water rushing in the Servis measured a whisper quiet 42dB.

The noise during a wash cycle is a variable feast depending on where you are in the cycle and how the machine is loaded. In our test with the Servis heavily loaded with a broad variety of pots, dishes, bowls and cups it averaged just 46dB. While that is some 5dB above Servis’ quoted figures (dishwasher noise figures are notoriously variable), that is exceptional for a running dishwasher and not much louder than the normal ambient noise in a town home. Few dishwashers are quieter than this.

As a comparison later we ran the programme again with Servis’ Extra Silent mode engaged and the DN61039SS was even quieter at barely 42dB. Wash efficiency would take a turn for the worse in this mode as the water pressure is much reduced, but it’s ideal for cleaning lightly soiled dishes overnight.

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