Shepherd Rebrands as Somewhere.com with $29.7M Acquisition and New CEO, Signaling the Future of Global Recruiting

The demand for global talent is surging as businesses seek to expand their pool of qualified candidates and reduce costs.

Traditional hiring methods that restrict searches to local talent pools are becoming obsolete.

This challenge is addressed by providing access to top talent worldwide, ensuring companies can hire anywhere with Somewhere.

Nick Huber, who recently acquired a controlling interest in the company, has experienced the platform’s impact first-hand. “Somewhere.com revolutionized how I expanded my team, allowing me to scale my operations by accessing global talent at a fraction of the usual cost.”

“The name Somewhere embodies the possibilities of a world where talent can be found anywhere,” said Marshall Haas, co-founder and now a board member. “The pandemic accelerated the remote work revolution, and we’re here to help businesses navigate this remote overseas workforce successfully.”

With its rebranding, Somewhere is reinforcing its vision to dismantle conventional hiring barriers and remains committed to making global hiring accessible to companies of all sizes.

Marshall reflected on the company’s evolution: “Selling a controlling interest in Somewhere is a step toward future growth. We’ve always envisioned a platform that breaks down borders, and with Nick at the helm, alongside our new CEO, Petar Nedyalkov, Somewhere.com is poised for an exciting new chapter.”

Under the stewardship of CEO Petar Nedyalkov, previously COO at Ease.com, Somewhere is on a mission to connect great companies with exceptional talent globally.

“Our goal goes beyond just filling positions. We want to be the preferred talent firm for North American companies seeking exceptional global talent,” explains Nedyalkov.

While remote work offers significant advantages, companies must address challenges unique to this model.

Finding the right employees can be the difference between getting ahead and falling behind.

Sieva Kozinsky, a board member and one of the lead investors, shares the enthusiasm. He posted about his experience: “I’ve seen first-hand the significant cost advantages and talent quality one can leverage through Somewhere. Our model simplifies global hiring, offering companies access to top talent worldwide, which is a powerful tool for growth.”

Somewhere.com uses teams of local recruiters in the Philippines and Latam to scout the best talent, and the one-time fee model means businesses save money year after year. Plus, with a 6-month guarantee, companies have the time to onboard and truly evaluate each new hire.

Redefine how you approach hiring –

Talent is everywhere. Hire with Somewhere.

About Somewhere (formerly supportshepherd.com):

Somewhere.com connects companies with exceptional remote talent worldwide, simplifying the global hiring process. Focusing on providing top-tier professionals and ensuring seamless integration into client teams, Somewhere.com has experienced rapid growth, helping numerous businesses achieve their goals through efficient and cost-effective hiring solutions. The mission is to connect great companies with exceptional talent globally, empowering them to secure incredible job opportunities.

The vision is to be the preferred talent firm for North American companies seeking exceptional global talent and leveraging a diverse pool of 600,000+ skilled professionals to give businesses a competitive edge.

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