ShipHero Releases Industry-First Feature – Labor Cost Dashboard

  • Breakdown and visualizations of labor costs on a per-client, per-package basis
  • Automated detection and analysis of picking, packing, and inventory-related activities
  • Daily updates to facilitate quick decision-making and action
  • Supports analysis across multiple multi-client facilities

This feature was developed following ShipHero’s long-standing practice of developing and testing the impact of new features in their own 3PL facilities.

“When we first implemented the Labor Cost Dashboard in our facilities, we noticed discrepancies in picking immediately. We were fulfilling orders for a client in two different facilities, but the cost per package was higher in one warehouse than the other. Why?” Rubin asked. “Our team was then able to take steps to align the two and now, we’ve lowered the cost per package, and that client is more profitable.

“These kinds of insights set Labor Cost Dashboard apart from simply knowing your labor costs and dividing by the number of packages you ship daily. These are actionable pieces of data you need to know to optimize profitability,” Rubin added.

The Labor Cost Dashboard feature is currently available to all ShipHero clients. If you have questions about ShipHero or want to speak to their sales team, please reach out today.

About ShipHero

ShipHero is a SaaS company specializing in warehouse management software for brands and 3PLs. Built by its founder and CEO, Aaron Rubin, ShipHero’s WMS was borne from Aaron’s need for better software for his own eCommerce brand. ShipHero has grown into a leading WMS serving more than 5,000 brands and 3PLs and continues to expand its client base by offering new features and native integrations to give ShipHero clients the flexibility and reliability they need.

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