Silent Quadrant Celebrates 31 Years of Excellence in Cybersecurity

Silent Quadrant began as an IT service provider in 1993. Recognizing the growing need for comprehensive cybersecurity, the company pivoted in 2015 to focus on full-service cybersecurity solutions. This shift led to the development of the SQ Cybersecurity Framework, which is grounded in the globally recognized NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) and tailored specifically for small- to medium-sized businesses. The framework underpins all strategic planning and execution by the SQ team, ensuring cybersecurity measures manage risk while enabling business growth and continuous improvement. Their focus has always remained on the success of their clients, which explains why most have stayed with them for over 25 years.

The longtime client Alpine Group was the first to achieve the SQ Cybersecurity Framework Certification. Working closely with the SQ team, the Alpine Group adopted cutting-edge cybersecurity practices and governance protocols, ensuring the utmost protection for their clients’ data and reputations. The certification is a powerful differentiator, affirming the firm’s dedication to security and providing unparalleled assurance to its clients.

“Our partnership with Silent Quadrant has been transformative. Their unwavering commitment to cybersecurity has protected our critical assets and enhanced our operational efficiency. Achieving the SQ Cybersecurity Framework Certification has provided us with a structured, reliable approach to cybersecurity that we can confidently present to our clients,” said Carla Haywood, chief of staff at The Alpine Group. “Silent Quadrant is more than a service provider; they are a trusted partner dedicated to our success.”

Silent Quadrant’s philosophy is rooted in the principle of “Compromise Nothing.” Effective cybersecurity requires experience, expertise, and a tailored, holistic approach that aligns with each business’s unique context. Technology decisions should never be based on affiliation or incentives. They must be grounded in what’s best for the organization.

“We have long recognized the challenges organizations face when searching for the right security provider. Business leaders need a firm they can trust—one that prioritizes their clients’ protection as highly as their own. This responsibility requires accountability, transparency, honesty, and integrity—without compromise,” said Adam Brewer, chief executive officer of Silent Quadrant.

Looking to the future, Silent Quadrant is steadfast in its commitment to staying at the forefront of cybersecurity innovation, nurturing the next generation of cybersecurity experts through its fellowship program, and ensuring its clients are prepared to navigate the increasingly complex digital landscape.

About Silent Quadrant:

For over three decades, Silent Quadrant has partnered with and protected some of the most influential firms in America. Our clients trust us to remain vigilant in a rapidly evolving digital world, leveraging resilience and trust to provide tailored digital protection. Our clients’ work is critical, and protecting their reputation and influence is paramount. Learn more at silentquadrant.com.

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