Singularity Title Being Teased

Activision-owned development studio Raven Software, teased a few hours ago the return of the Singularity series via the following tweet:

Singularity received quite strong reviews when it was released in 2010 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, and provided a rather unique twist to the first-person shooter genre.

The tweet gives no additional details, as to what the studio is working on, although a few job postings on the firm’s LinkedIn page do point that Raven Software’s next title, will be a collaborative project between Raven and another of Activision’s studios.


RAVEN SOFTWARE, developer of numerous award-winning games, including contributions to the blockbuster Call of Duty franchise (Black Ops, Modern Warfare, Ghosts, Call of Duty: Online, Advanced Warfare) is seeking a passionate Gameplay Engineer to join our team to work on our next project.

Core Duties:
•    Develop, modify, and debug gameplay and related engine C/C++ code

•    Develop, modify, and debug gameplay code in proprietary scripting language
•    Deploy, evaluate performance, optimize and test software on PC client and server platforms
•    Collaborate with other internal departments (art, design, audio, animation, QA, etc)
•    Co-develop and collaborate with other Activision studios
•    Document software and features for internal and external engineering teams
•    Participate in the scheduling, design, performance and code review process
•    Report to Gameplay Lead Engineer

•    Bachelor’s degree in a Computer Science, Engineering, or Math related field

•    Shipped at least one game title
•    3+ years of experience working in the game industry
•    Proven ability to collaborate, coordinate, communicate and support other team members
•    Experience in gameplay related fields like AI, physics, animation, weapons, scripting, networking
•    Background in working in multi-threaded code
•    Strong 3D math skills
•    Comprehensive understanding of object-oriented programming
•    Creative, motivated, focused, passionate, results-oriented
•    Demonstrated ability to write efficient, clean, readable, portable, and reliable code
•    Passion for games

The Ideal Candidate will also Have:
•    Aptitude for game and system design

•    Experience working with first-person shooter gameplay
•    Background in ActionScript programming
•    Experience with working with networking services like PSN, Xbox Live, or Steam
•    Master’s degree with some emphasis connected to game development (AI, animation, graphics, physics, networking, etc)
•    Background in Python, Perl or C# programming


Raven Software’s recent Facebook post said,

“From the Time Manipulation Device to the multiple factions in multiplayer, Singularity became a cult hit that continues to have a rabid and vocal fan base. This week is a celebration of all things Singularity.”

A few days back Raven made this tweet:

It could be that the Singularity tweet is indeed just a celebration of the cult classic, and they are reestablishing awareness in order to introduce their new project. They might end up surprising us though and reveal a followup. That would be quite something. There’s always the possibility that they could be working on a Call of Duty title, of course, as the studio has collaborated in many Call of Duty projects in the past.

We will bring you any new information that comes from Raven Software regarding their new project as soon as it becomes available.

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