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Learnosity now enables us to provide a robust and flexible examination environment to our higher education clients that’s fully integrated with our evidence-based assessment system.

With over 58 million learners coming online in 2016 via MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), education is fast becoming a more personalized, mobile, and on-demand activity. Technology has given learners multiple points of access not only to a greater volume of information, but to a greater number of students too.

In other words, the existing physical boundaries in education are fast disappearing.

In 2016, over 700 hundred universities around the world offered online courses. Student enrolment rates increased by more than 60% on the previous year. And given the steady growth in MOOCs’ availability over the last 5 years, the trend looks certain to continue.

Yet the transition to personalized online learning should not be associated with isolated learning.

Inspired by the worldwide popularity and use of social media, OpenLearning is a new kind of educational platform – one that connects users by employing a social media-type workflow to engage users and encourage greater collaboration.

With a focus on delivering world-class social and effective learning experiences, OpenLearning’s partnership with Learnosity further enables the platform to deliver personalized assessment and quizzes. By integrating Learnosity’s assessment tools, OpenLearning can now provide users with a full spectrum of learning widgets and digital capabilities.

“We chose Learnosity after evaluating every assessment, examination, and quiz product that we could find on the market,” says OpenLearning’s CEO and co-founder Adam Brimo. “Its range of question types, authoring tools, scalability, and APIs complimented our social learning platform perfectly.”

“We’ve invested our effort and resources at OpenLearning in building the industry’s leading social learning platform, with a focus on collaboration, group work, and peer learning,” continues Brimo. “Learnosity now enables us to provide a robust and flexible examination environment to our higher education clients that’s fully integrated with our evidence-based assessment system.”

With close to 27 million users worldwide, and delivering some 46 million assessments per month, Learnosity is well-versed in handling the speed, scale, and security required by next-generation learning platforms.

“We’re very pleased to be working with a pioneering platform such as OpenLearning,” says Learnosity’s co-founder and CEO Gavin Cooney.

“We’ve designed Learnosity to integrate seamlessly with other systems, so the team at OpenLearning can now offer their clients a customizable assessment solution that is more engaging and capable of measuring learners’ knowledge and understanding in greater depth than ever before.”

About Learnosity

-Learnosity was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

-The company offers a suite of assessment technologies (APIs) which enable organizations from a wide range of sectors, to easily incorporate powerful, interactive assessment capabilities into any digital product, new or existing.

-With intuitive authoring, powerful analytics and over 65 technology-enhanced items (TEIs), Learnosity shortens development cycles, effort and time-to-market, without sacrificing quality or value.

-Clients include Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Pearson, CenterPoint (formerly Parcc Inc.), Big Ideas Learning, and Mathletics.

-200 million global uses of Learnosity’s APIs per month, primarily in the US.

-Delivers over 46 million tests per month.

-Awards: SIIA – Best K-12 Enterprise Solution in 2014 and 2016; European Business Awards – National Champion for Innovation for 2016/2017.

For enquiries or information, visit http://www.learnosity.com or contact media(at)learnosity(dot)com.

About Open Learning

OpenLearning is an online social learning platform with a unique social and interactive approach to learning that has been successfully adopted by leading institutions and government bodies around the world. Founded by UNSW graduates Adam Brimo, David Collien, and UNSW Professor Richard Buckland in Australia in 2012, OpenLearning has had huge international traction thanks to its innovative model of online learning that focuses on engaging students and creating vibrant learning communities. OpenLearning currently supports over 1,000,000 students across 5,000 courses, with thousands more joining every week. OpenLearning is the national MOOC platform for Malaysian education and is being used for K-12 public education, public universities and public Polytechnics across Malaysia.

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