Sogolytics Highlights AI-Powered Updates at UNLEASH America

“With such a rapid evolution in the world of HR tech, we’re seeing some major changes in how employers are shifting the focus from job satisfaction to complete employee experiences,” said Sogolytics VP of Success Melissa Krut, SHRM-CP. “There’s a growing awareness that the use of key metrics, journey mapping, and continuous feedback processes to enhance customer experiences can be leveraged to provide exceptional employee experiences, too.”

As a SaaS company, the Sogolytics team often connects with the HR community through webinars and original research, but the opportunity to connect with top industry leaders at UNLEASH America is a welcome shift to offline mode.

“Yes, we’re a tech company,” added Krut, “But we’re people-people, too!”

On the tech front, the team looks forward to highlighting features and solutions exciting current clients, including:

  • Create With AI: Build surveys in minutes by using custom or available prompts
  • Make It Better: Enhance language choices to improve survey success
  • Automated Distribution: Simplify publishing workflows to keep insights incoming
  • Integrated Directories: Streamline contact management
  • Text Analysis: AI-assisted NLP, sentiment analysis, and more

Connect with the Sogolytics team at UNLEASH America from May 7-9 at booth 383.

To learn more about how Sogolytics works to help organizations to collect their own data and uncover insights from their most important audiences, connect here.

About Sogolytics: Sogolytics stands at the forefront of experience management solutions, empowering businesses to efficiently capture, analyze, and act upon customer and employee feedback. Committed to innovation and driven by a dedication to its clients, Sogolytics is reshaping the landscape of customer and employee engagement. For further information, please visit Sogolytics.com.

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