Sony PSVR 2 rumour hints at a happy 2022 for PlayStation VR gamers

If you’re hoping for a PSVR 2 aided by the full power of the PS5 to brighten up your 2022, then this rumour could represent a fine start to the New Year.

A source in the Chinese supply chain – yeah, we know – says the next-generation PlayStation VR headset is about to go into mass production very soon, with a new crop of the best PSVR games to enjoy.

My my! That would be a big step forward for a device we haven’t heard much about at all in recent months, following Sony’s initial confirmation it was the works with a new set of advanced controllers.

According to the rumour mill, the Chinese manufacturer Gortek has won the contract to manufacture the headset. That’s the company who built the first-generation model, while also supplying some components for the PS5 (via PushSquare), so it would stand to reason they’d be retained this time around. It also works with Meta on the Quest 2 headset.

In machine translated comments, the initial report says Gortek has begun “receiving orders for major Japanese customers, which has received positive comments from customers, laying a solid foundation for cooperation in the next year to supply a new generation of VR and further increase the supply share of game consoles.”

Elsewhere the company adds: “Major Japanese customers will launch a new generation of VR in 2022. With its game consoles, it is expected to ship about 1 million – 2 million units.”

Again we have to be wary of the machine translated comments but the inference of the reporting is quite clear. The veracity of it remains unclear.

Should it be ready for mass production, it’s possible that Sony could get the PSVR 2 onto the bonces of PS5 owners this autumn, six years after the original landed and gave console gaming a massive kick.

The original PSVR was a big success, with Sony selling over five million units to PS4 owners since its launch in October 2016. However, given the advancements from Oculus (Facebook, Meta, whatever), it’s definitely time for Sony to kick-on again and reassert itself as a leader in the VR field. Could we get an official, reveal soon?

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