Sony’s solution to ongoing PS5 shortages – make more PS4s

Sony is reportedly planning to continue manufacturing PlayStation 4 consoles all through 2022 as PS5 shortages continue into a third calendar year.

The PS5 has been extremely difficult to get hold of ever since its launch in November 2020, and the company is set to continue struggling to meet orders right through 2022.

According to a new Bloomberg report, Sony has informed its assembly partners that it will mitigate PS5 shortages by continuing to produce PS4 consoles.

Officially, Sony claims that it always intended to continue making PS4 consoles, as “It is one of the best-selling consoles ever and there is always crossover between generations”. Unofficially, however, it’s claimed that the company had originally planned to discontinue its previous-generation machine in 2021.

As a result of this extension, Sony will make an estimated 1 million additional PS4 consoles in 2022, though the report states this figure will be adjusted according to demand.

Besides offering an affordable alternative for frustrated would-be PS5 owners, the report claims that keeping the PS4 production line running will aid the company in negotiating a better deal with manufacturing partners.

If Sony does continue making PS4 consoles throughout 2022, it will represent nine years of production for the 116 million-selling games console.

Sony recently used CES 2022 to show off a bunch of new colourful covers for its in-demand PS5 console. It also announced the PSVR 2 headset, complete with major spec bump and fancy new controllers.

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