SteelSeries Siberia V3 Review

What is a SteelSeries Siberia V3?

SteelSeries has been creation gaming headsets and accessories intensely successfully for a series of years now, substantiating itself as one of a staples of a gaming industry.

The SteelSeries Siberia V3 not usually has a company’s station to go on, though it also follows on from a notoriously arguable SteelSeries Siberia V2 headset expelled behind in 2009.

What we get is a good all-rounder headset, with a sincerely understated design, illusory audio and a retractable microphone – all for underneath £100. 

SteelSeries Siberia V3 – Design

If you’re informed with a SteelSeries Siberia V2, a pattern of a Siberia V3 won’t come as many of a surprise. The over-ear cups are connected by a span of lightweight constructional bands atop a floating wipe that rests on your conduct though a need for tangible adjustments.

For a average-sized conduct this is a illusory design. It’s lightweight and doesn’t request vigour to your ears – something that we find is mostly an emanate with gaming headsets.

The earcups are lined with memory froth and finished with a leather-effect lining. Because of this a earcups distortion a lot closer to your head, minimising outmost sound and improving a sign though augmenting pressure.

We did find that a memory froth blocked out outmost sound utterly well, though it didn’t extent any audio trickle from a inside out. The people around we competence hear a bit of what you’re listening to if you’re wearing them during work, on open ride or during home when someone else is around.

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The Siberia V3 is a well-built headset, though there is a lot of cosmetic on a extraneous of a earcups. SteelSeries has apparently selected to do this for weight reasons, as other materials like aluminium would have combined poignant bulk to a headset. We would have elite some-more matte cosmetic on a headset rather than a combined gloss. Compared to some of a neon lights we get on headsets, this is an understated pattern that’s usually accessible in black and white.

Overall a lightweight and pressure-free pattern all amounts to a headset that we can wear for hours though any discomfort.

However, we attempted this headset on a accumulation of a pals’ heads and detected a fact we can’t adjust a floating wipe means it won’t fit anyone with a somewhat tiny head. There’s zero we can do about that possibly – it’ll possibly fit your conduct or they won’t.

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There’s also a emanate of a headset being a small on a vast distance aesthetically too. Although this is a headset that is concordant with a far-reaching array of devices, a earcups and ancillary bands are flattering chunky, creation us feel a small mortified when wearing it out and about.

The Siberia V3 connects to your PC/Mac, mobile inclination and PS4 around a 3.5mm headphone jack connection. There’s an Xbox One-specific chronicle entrance during a after date, though this one will work with Microsoft’s latest console if we squeeze a apart Xbox One Stereo Headset adapter that plugs into a bottom of your controller.

We utterly like a fact that there’s a microphone tongue-tied switch built into a left earcup; a same side as a retractable microphone itself. Just strech adult behind a handle and lift a switch adult to tongue-tied a microphone when we don’t wish to be heard.

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SteelSeries Siberia V3 – Audio Quality

What we adore many about a SteelSeries Siberia V3 is a fact that it gives we agree audio that many gaming headsets. Straight out of a box, we can know that you’ll get a transparent audio soundscape though carrying to fiddle about with EQ settings.
This is what done a prior V2 indication renouned and a same is loyal of a V3 – no bass-heavy audio.

The Siberia V3 has a same 50mm drivers as a predecessor, though SteelSeries has readjusted a chain of a drivers themselves, in sequence to minimise a drum thump. Because of this, we get a headset that offers good heights, trebles and mid-range audio.

Although some of we competence cruise a miss of drum is a bad thing, it’s unequivocally not a problem in a eyes. You’ll usually unequivocally notice it in games like Battlefield 4 or Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare or with name movement cinema – and it’s usually a slight drum scarcity during that.

You can try to tweak a drum a small in a SteelSeries Engine program for PC and Mac, though to be honest we trust a Siberia V3 offers a ideal soundscape that compliments a infancy of games.

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One of a vital downsides of a Siberia V3 in comparison to a prior V2 indication is a dismissal of a inline volume control. SteelSeries competence have motionless to pierce a tongue-tied symbol a headset itself, that isn’t a bad thing, though a preference to mislay volume controls altogether competence have been a mistake.

That means you’ll need to manually adjust a audio on your PC, Mac or other gaming device, that is many some-more of a faff than it needs to be, generally when there are other headsets during this cost that offer such facilities – including a Polk 4Shot and Turtle Beach Ear Force Z60.

This is also not a headset that will give we practical approximate sound. Although we competence get DTS practical approximate sound in other headsets during this price, we aren’t removing anything of a like in a SteelSeries Siberia V3. You’ll need to confirm possibly this is an emanate for your gaming, as differently a audio peculiarity on a V3 is superb.  

When personification FPS titles such as Far Cry 4, last shot plcae isn’t an issue, while empty records in titles like Forza Horizon 2 are clearly discernible from a music, as they have such a pleasingly guttural growl.

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SteelSeries Siberia V3 – Microphone Quality

As for a microphone, a SteelSeries Siberia V3 facilities a retractable bang microphone that stores orderly in a left crater when not in use. All we need to do is lift it giveaway from a left earcup whenever we imagination carrying a discuss with your online pals. The microphone itself is tractable too, so we can position it wherever it feels many natural.

What we will contend is that it is a small on a still side. You’ll possibly need to tweak a SteelSeries Engine program to boost a mic, or pronounce a lot louder than we would routinely in sequence to make all your taunts and jibes heard.

But for this price, we cruise a microphone is some-more than adequate. You won’t be listened transparent transparent 100 per cent of a time, though with gaming we don’t need a stellar microphone in sequence to make yourself known.

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Should we buy a SteelSeries Siberia V3?

The SteelSeries Siberia V3 is a lightweight headset that sounds positively illusory true out of a box – no tinkering required. The pattern is one of a many user-friendly and gentle around, nonetheless we competence wish to try it on initial before we buy, interjection to a ostensible “one distance fits all” floating wipe design.

There are other glorious headsets in this sub-£100 cost range, including a Turtle Beach Ear Force Z60 or a Plantronics Rig Surround, though they don’t offer utterly a audio value of a V3 – even if they do have a few some-more features.

Due to a 3.5mm jack connector, you’re also looking during utterly a versatile headset, even if it is a small vast for we to wish to be seen on a streets wearing it.


Anyone looking for an impossibly gentle headset with good audio on a bill should cruise a SteelSeries Siberia V3 as one of a best buys out there.

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