Stereolabs Announces TERRA Autonomy Kit, Powered by NVIDIA Jetson Orin

Stereolabs, a pioneer in vision-based sensing technology, today introduced the TERRA Autonomy Kit to transform any machine into a smart and autonomous machine.

SAN FRANCISCO, June 2, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Stereolabs, a pioneer in vision-based sensing technology for autonomous machines, today introduced the latest addition to the company’s vision platform portfolio, the TERRA Autonomy Kit.

For any vehicle

The TERRA Autonomy Kit is for autonomy applications where 360-degree sensor coverage with flexible mechanical integration and central data fusion is a necessity. The kit offers a plug-and-play, scalable perception solution to rapidly transform any existing machine – such as tractors, mowers, utility vehicles, AMR, robotic arms and more – into an autonomous machine.

The TERRA Autonomy Kit provides all hardware and software components required to bring advanced vision-based perception to machines.

Complete hardware solution

The first configuration of the kit consists of 4 ZED X stereo cameras that can be installed in the front, back and sides of any machine, covering a 360-degree field of view. Through GMSL connectors, cameras are plugged into an industrial-grade embedded compute unit that incorporates the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin system-on-module for powerful AI computing capabilities. The hardware configuration is available in industrial or ruggedized versions.

Powerful software stack

Preinstalled for rapid implementation, TERRA AI offers a modular solution for development activities in the field of autonomy. TERRA AI is a groundbreaking, large Neural Network Architecture crafted with fast, memory-efficient, low-level code to perform those tasks simultaneously on low-power embedded computers, enabling the processing of high-frequency, high-volume data from ZED cameras on embedded NVIDIA Jetson platform.

Invaluable advantages

By leveraging Stereolabs’ cost-efficient cameras and our most advanced sensing technology, the TERRA Autonomy Kit is a scalable, cost-efficient, plug-and-play perception solution that doesn’t require LIDAR and initial installation takes 10 minutes or less.

Partner compatibility and integration

A variety of different hardware components and software modules are available off-the-shelf for quick onboarding. The TERRA Autonomy Kit is initially available with two embedded compute unit options: the AI Rugged Computer RML A4AGX provided by Syslogic and the NVIDIA Jetson Orin Developer Kit. Compatibility with more industrial and production-ready compute units will be announced soon. The TERRA Autonomy Kit is also compatible with NVIDIA Isaac Perceptor, a reference workflow for developing vision AI-based AMRs. Stereolabs plans to continue collaborating with NVIDIA and other ecosystem partners to deliver the most advanced perception platform for the autonomous machine industry.

About StereoLabs

Stereolabs is the leading provider of 3D depth and motion sensing solutions based on stereo vision and artificial intelligence. From robots to drones and cars, Stereolabs empowers machines with the ability to see and understand. The company enables developers across multiple industries to create truly intelligent machines and applications that improve daily lives. Stereolabs offers an expanded ecosystem with various industry-proven hardware and software stacks.

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