Supply Chain Software Developer Datex Announces New WMS Lot Naming…

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Clearwater FL (PRWEB) February 28, 2015

Supply chain software developer Datex recently announced another new workflow based feature of its award winning software Datex FootPrint WMS. A Microsoft based system, the highly flexible Datex supply chain software is powered by workflow rather than hard coding. Datex FootPrint WMS can be configured to meet business needs without having to make costly changes to system coding.

Datex FootPrint WMS can now control what the lot or vendor lot naming convention will be via workflow. Originally developed for companies that desire to have the Lot formatted to SKU-Receive date, the new feature eliminates the need for customer service representatives to have to remember the format of the lots. Now Datex FootPrint WMS will automatically format the lot based upon the preset requirements built into the workflow. In addition the new lot naming convention feature can also control finding an existing lot and vendor lot based on specific conditions.

The new workflow based lot naming feature helps companies that have numerous lot formats. This reduces errors and helps ensure more efficient operations to save time and labor.

About Datex

A Microsoft Gold Partner, Datex provides flexible, reliable supply chain technology solutions to make businesses more profitable. In successful operation since 1978, Datex has helped companies operate more efficiently and productively using state-of-the-art technology including Microsoft based supply chain software, mobile devices and services including EDI and mobile device management services. Datex supply chain software can be used with RF or RFID solutions to provide complete real time inventory visibility and tracking. Datex FootPrint WMS relies on workflow to power accurate, efficient productive business processes. Using a workflow based warehouse management system enables companies to fast track implementations, save costly professional fees and valuable time. For more information on Datex supply chain technology solutions, please visit the Datex website. For more information, please contact Laura Olson, Director of Sales and Marketing at 800.933.2839 ext. 243 or via email at lolson@datexcorp.com.


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