Syber Vapor we PC Review

What is a Syber Vapor I?

The opening between consoles and PCs has confused interjection to fit components and smaller, sleeker designs, and it’s now viable to opt for a desktop in a vital room – they’re means to entrance a incomparable library of games and, distinct consoles, they’re entirely upgradable.

CyberPower has prolonged done high-end gaming desktops, though a new Syber multiplication represents a initial large play into a vital room: a pierce that sees this loser step adult opposite a Playstation 4 and Xbox One as good as determined systems like a Alienware X51.

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Syber Vapor we – Design Build Quality

The Vapor is some-more particular than a consoles it hopes to replace. Its physique is a brew of white and black plastic, and it has a kind of thespian styling that seems imperative in gaming hardware. The sides are lonesome in angles and vents, and a center territory is slatted.

The front is distinctive, with dual bands of light possibly side of a unconventional Syber logo. Our representation is white with black trim and blue lights, though a appurtenance is accessible in pristine black, and black with copper trim. The lights can be altered, with enlightenment accessible in purple, yellow, immature and red.

The Vapor has one large advantage over a consoles: it’s entirely upgradeable. Syber encourages owners to get stranded in, that means archaic components can be transposed – something that adds some-more cost, though an choice that could also give this appurtenance a longer lifespan than any console.

Getting inside is simple: mislay one screw, and a side row slides away. Once a Vapor is opened, a processor, Wi-Fi label and memory sticks are all easy to access, and a tough hoop can be unscrewed from a steel caddy that spans a breadth of a system.  

The graphics label is underneath a tough hoop caddy and is trustworthy to a motherboard with a PCI riser, and it’s easy to remove. There’s room for incomparable cards than a GTX 750 Ti used here – as prolonged as a label is 280mm or reduction in length, it’ll fit.

The Vapor looks like a console, though it’ll occupy some-more room underneath a TV. The Syber is 358mm far-reaching and 344mm from front to back, and it weighs 5.5kg – about a same distance as a Alienware X51. Compare that to a consoles: a PS4 weighs only 2.8kg and is 275mm wide, while a Xbox One tips a beam during 3.2kg and it’s 333mm wide.

It’s bulkier than consoles, though there’s no denying a Syber’s strength. It’s a stout box with few genuine build peculiarity problems – a side panels have a tiny wobble, though that’s not a problem when a complement is sat underneath a TV.

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Syber Vapor we – Connectivity and Software

The front row has dual USB 3.0 ports, a USB 2.0 connector and a span of audio jacks, and a back has dual some-more USB 3.0 connections, 4 USB 2.0 ports, and a PS/2 plug. There are 3 some-more audio jacks, though one underline – an visual expostulate – is absent.

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On a inside, there’s Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11n wireless, though no 802.11ac connectivity, notwithstanding what Syber’s website says.

The miss of an visual expostulate could abrade if we wish to play bequest games, though that’s not how Syber sees a complement being used. The Vapor boots into Steam’s Big Picture mode, that optimises a UI of Valve’s PC gaming program for lounge use – a app’s icons are bigger and a navigation is reworked for controllers. It’s a tantalizing proposition, as it means a PC’s strong program library can be some-more simply accessed from a vital room.

Syber Vapor I

Syber pairs this lounge-friendly program with a integrate of peripherals. The first, Logitech’s F710 wireless controller, is good: a gentle and stout mock-up of a pads granted with a vital consoles. The second marginal is a little keyboard with a tiny touchpad. It’s useful, though it lacks quality: a keys are tiny and spongy, while a trackpad is notation and lacks responsiveness. It’s only about excusable for navigating Steam or Windows 8.1, though one of Logitech’s incomparable vital room keyboards would be most better.

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