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The first 2016 TEPP promotional campaign ended successfully at ISPO MUNICH, and the next Taiwan Select will be held at SaigonTex from March 30 to April 2 at the Saigon Exhibition Convention Center (SECC), in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The booth number of Taiwan Select is L-28, where display all kinds of textiles sample, including Eco-textile, functional and fashion textiles, dyes, and trimmings from Taiwan Exhibitors.

Every major brand in the world depends on Taiwan for maintaining leadership in Textile development, innovation and quality. The industry trusts Taiwan to do it right. Leading companies such as Nike, The North Face, Adidas, Jack Wolfskin, VF Corp, Columbia, Lululemon, Under Armour and many others start in Taiwan and depend on its unmatched value proposition.

The Taiwanese Textile industries have been long time leaders in the development of environmentally friendly concepts. They are leaders in recycled polymer and polymer blends. Da-Ai has developed a collection of yarns, fabrics and garments based on recycled plastic bottles that are all collected in Taiwan.

Unique special yarn developments are an important facet of this story augmented by ever improving finishes and finishing processes. The development of carbon safe material C6 as a water repellent is being led by Taiwan. Perhaps the strongest statement in regard to the environment and sustainable practices is the importance of bluesign® where Taiwan is the undeniable global leader in the adoption and expansion of this important designation. Bluesign® designation means more than just being environmentally friendly. It is a commitment to the world that encompasses an ongoing process and promises to manufacture and develop the most sustainable directional products and practices possible. Leading brands like Patagonia insist on Bluesign® certified mills for future development and participation as a core member of their supply chain. Taiwan takes the lead in this important direction.

Fashion as part of function and eco-friendly textiles is an important factor. Fashion is taking on new meanings as smart textiles and wearable tech products flood our lifestyle. The proximity and close ties of the Taiwan technical products industry helps lead the way. Taking the benefit of new technology integration, textiles are more innovative than ever. New products such as smart metallic yarns, thermo- sensitive material and more, the possibilities are endless. Fashion in apparel and yoga inspired sportswear is evident as this market is expanding. New yarn developments allowing multiple looks and textures are driving innovation. Soft, crisp, vibrant or mellow, inspired market looks and touches are there. Mixtures of new technologies and fashion allow new design elements that were hard to imagine in the past. Polymer based yarn developments in polyester, nylon, recycled and blended with natural fibers lead the way. You can have the look and feel of natural fiber fabrics with the performance and flexibility of synthetics. Comfortable, breathable, wind and water resistant textiles mixed and matched in breathtaking design elements. Adding in odor control and a myriad of product enhancements allow new and innovative design directions and bring the consumer endless options.

TITAS 2015 there were fifteen ‘Taiwan Textile Associations’ represented. Each one is an integral, planned and coordinated part of the Federation. The TITAS in each October is the globally leading Trade Show of innovation, function and fashion. The goal is to make your textile shopping needs simplified and focused. Moreover, a program called TEPP (Taiwan Export Promotion Program) started as a four year marketing concept and is now in its 7th year bringing unique Taiwan Textiles and a broad collection of Taiwanese companies to the market. TEPP involves focused product marketing and consulting briefs, Trade Missions directly bringing companies to the USA, Sourcing Visits bringing customers to Taiwan, and lastly assistance in getting together customers and new resources at key Trade Shows such as Outdoor Retailer, MAGIC and many others. TEPP allows in getting diverse customers and suppliers together augments the progress of the many facets in the innovative, sustainable textile endeavors that make Taiwan the go to place to be; each year the TEPP grows in value and product diversity.

A subtle part of the value of the Taiwan Textile Industry is its ease of access and communication, and the TTF will help make a business trip as efficient as possible. For more information please contact Michael Chang at the TTF in Taiwan, tc_chang(at)textiles.org.tw.

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