Tarifica Announces Release of Highly Anticipated Webinar Recording on Telecom Bundling Strategies

Tarifica unveils exclusive insights into Telecom Bundling Strategies with new webinar recording.

NEW YORK, May 9, 2024 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Tarifica, a leading provider of telecom intelligence solutions, is excited to announce the release of the recording of its second webinar of the year, focusing on Telecom Bundling Strategies. Originally broadcast on 18 April 2024, the webinar provided valuable insights into the evolving landscape of bundled offerings in the telecom industry.

Building upon the success of our 2023 webinar series, Tarifica revisited the popular topic of Telecom Bundling Strategies, exploring the latest developments and changes that have occurred over the past year. Tarifica senior staff members, Soichi Nakajima and Vincent Bonneau, leveraged data from our proprietary Telecom Pricing Intelligence Platform to deliver a comprehensive analysis.

“We were thrilled to delve into the complexities of telecom bundling strategies once again,” said Soichi Nakajima, Vice President of Data and Analysis at Tarifica. “Our aim was to provide attendees with actionable insights into the varied approaches taken by telecom operators worldwide.”

During the webinar, Nakajima and Bonneau discussed key findings, including the diverse approaches to bundling strategies observed across different countries. “It was fascinating to uncover the nuances in bundled offerings, from pick ‘n’ mix options to pre-packaged bundles,” commented Vincent Bonneau, Associate International Business Developer.

Among the notable conclusions drawn from the analysis were insights into discount rates and additional perks offered within bundled services. Users can receive significant discounts of up to 60% by subscribing to bundles compared to standalone services. Furthermore, bundles offer additional perks such as discounted extra SIMs and increased speed/data.

“We observed a trend towards simpler and more uniform discount structures within bundles,” noted Nakajima. “This shift towards flat-rate discounts reflects an effort by operators to streamline offerings and enhance user experience.”

In addition to the price discounts, bundles now offer multiple perks compared to previous years, providing added value to subscribers.

The recording of the webinar is now available for viewing here (use passcode: hq3^^dI*). Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of telecom bundling strategies and their implications. Join us as we navigate the evolving landscape of bundled offerings in the telecom industry.

About the Telecom Pricing Intelligence Platform

This latest webinar was based on data from Tarifica’s Telecom Pricing Intelligence Platform (TPIP), which offers comprehensive data on plans from major operators around the world, empowering users to create customized profiles for in-depth comparisons and analyses. Subscribers can explore trends and visualize data with ease using intuitive tools and multiple filters for a granular view. Say goodbye to Excel-based limitations and embrace modern features like screenshot captures, alerts, and historical offers. TPIP is adaptable to client needs, allowing customization of data structure, geographical scope, and frequency.

About Tarifica

Tarifica is a leading provider of telecommunications plan and pricing data to the global telecommunications industry. Tarifica’s clients include national regulators, mobile and fixed line operators, internet service providers, consultancies, financial institutions, and other telecom industry participants worldwide. The company’s sole focus is on telecommunications offers, resulting in an in-depth, specialized understanding of both the broader telecom environment and plan specifics, including prices, terms and conditions, add-ons, and restrictions. Tarifica couples its market knowledge with technology skills, making it a leading provider of SaaS solutions that track telecom plans and prices globally.

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