TCL to debut 144Hz Mini LED gaming TV in 2022

TCL has announced its first Mini LED television capable of hitting a refresh rate of 144Hz, potentially making it a serious contender for gamers’ cash in 2022.

The new, premium Mini LED models will arrive later this year, promising a serious boost for gamers who rely on the highest frame rates to stay competitive.

While the top console games, and other retrofitted classics, max out at 120 frames per second (meaning how many frames the game is trying showcasing each second), the new TCL Mini LED range will provide displays that can refresh 144 times every second. That’s more than enough to keep up with that enhanced frame rate. The gaming focused sets also feature over 1,000 local dimming zones.

In its CES 2022 press release, TCL says the enhanced refresh rate will “give players an important edge, especially for competitive multiplayer games where split-second reaction times are crucial to victory, while casual gamers will also appreciate the extra responsiveness in gameplay.”

TCL isn’t saying when the sets will be released, how much they’ll cost and what display sizes will be available, but is promising to disclose more details before the end of March.

The company has been investing in the Mini LED tech since 2018 and wants to do for the display format what LG has done for OLED.

“TCL is aiming to become the top player in the Mini LED TV sector in the coming years with higher production standards, higher energy efficiency and premium image performance,” the company says.

It’ll face some competition from Sony though. The Japanese giant has also released a new Bravia XR Master Series Z9K Mini LED set with an 8K resolution and promising “dazzling deep blacks” natural mid tones and “almost” no flare or halos around highlights.

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