The affordable CMF Phone 1 just got even cheaper

The brand new CMF Phone 1 was already extremely affordable, but it just got even cheaper.

Nothing is selling the 128GB model of its innovative budget handset for £179.99 right now. That’s a £30 saving on the £209.99 RRP.

Save £30 on the CMF Phone 1

Save £30 on the CMF Phone 1

The CMF Phone 1 is already being offered at a cheaper £179.99 price.

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  • Now £179.99

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As we’ve already mentioned, this is for a brand new budget phone, hot off the press. It’s a very good one too.

Our reviewer liked the CMF Phone 1 a lot, rating it 4.5 out of 5 and calling it “One of the most interesting budget-focused phones we’ve seen for a long time”.

So what’s so interesting about the CMF Phone 1? It’s primarily down to the fact that it looks so uniquely stylish, despite costing way less than most other phones on the market.

Nothing has given the CMF Phone 1 a fun modular design that lets you attache various accessories to an anchor point in the bottom corner. You can fit a kickstand, a lanyard, or a card wallet. You can also change the rear cover, so there’s no need for a case.

We also appreciated the CMF Phone 1’s big, bright and vibrant display. You expect compromises to be made in this department when the price is so low, but you’re getting a 6.67-inch FHD+ AMOLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate and a 2000 nits peak brightness here.

It was already a great phone at its launch price, but with this cheaper price applied the CMF Phone 1 becomes a bit of a bargain.

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